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  1. Cast Members Get Their Breakfasts Back

    Sparked by a barrage of cast member complaints, The Inn Between (the employee eatery behind the Plaza Inn) has re-fired its grill for breakfast. The cafeteria had replaced its morning menu of sizzling bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes and breakfast burritos with healthier melts and muffins from Subway. (The breakfast burritos were moved to the new Westsider Grill.)

    An employee for franchise operator Sodexo said the number of comment cards blasting The Inn Between’s grill for being ...

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  2. Eat Fresh! Subway Coming to Disneyland

    Late next week, the sandwich chain Subway will unveil its first franchise location inside Disneyland—although the affordable fast food will be off limits to guests.

    The Inn Between, the cast member cafeteria located on the backstage side of the Plaza Inn, will emerge from a rehab about February 18, with Subway taking over its sandwich counter.

    The food will continue to be served by Sodexo, which operates dozens of Subways and other food franchises at airports, museums, ...
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  3. Ins and Outs of Disneyland’s New Light Show

    So, I was invited to last night’s preview of Disneyland’s new light-projection show (yeah, I know, I’m just as surprised as you are).

    Admittedly, my expectations were low. The park always unveils its really groundbreaking shows, like the World of Color, and Fantasmic, and upgrades to its fireworks extravaganzas, at the start of the summer. And here comes “The Magic, The Memories, and You!” at the end of January, in the dead of winter (granted, a 75-degree dead of winter).

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  4. When the Chimps Are Down...

    There’s an old story that in a TV interview about 20 years ago, Michael Eisner justified the company’s hardline stance against wage increases for theme park employees by saying that the typical cast member’s duties could be performed, just as proficiently, by a trained monkey.

    Now the story has never been substantiated and, over the years, the apocryphal quote has been re-attributed to Paul Pressler and other villainous executives.

    But cast members’ lingering perception ...

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  5. The Electrical Parade's First Spark

    The first director of the Main Street Electrical Parade is turning up the lights on the creation of one of Disneyland’s most beloved attractions.

    Ben Sherman’s new book, "Lights: Imagination, Egos, Mystery, Deceit and 523,814 Lights," comes out this week and promises to illuminate a never-before-seen side of Disney history.

    To be sure, Sherman’s bawdy tale is decidedly un-Disneylike. In fact, the book features cast members—some of them ...

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