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  1. Princesses Not Packing their Bags Quite Yet?

    Plaza Gardens is finally shedding its gold paint, a last remnant from Disneyland’s 50th anniversary makeover. This week, painters could be seen returning the structure to its former red and white color scheme.

    The freshening up, however, begs the question: Why is the park spending the money to spruce up a facility that is supposed to be torn down to provide a new home for the Princess Faire? Some sources indicate the relocation has been temporarily delayed, possibly due to budgetary ...
  2. Disneyland Loses Security Vet

    Thirty-year Disneyland Security pioneer JoAnne Rowan passed away this morning.

    She started first as a Main Street merchandise hostess in 1969, eventually working her way into the security force after it began allowing female officers in 1974. In fact, JoAnne was Disneyland’s first bomb dog handler and later rose to the rank of security supervisor.

    She was forced out in 1999, one of dozens of faithful old-timers who saw their jobs taken by the less experienced and, more ...
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  3. Starting Today, Disney Cast Members Can Get a Little Furrier—But Will They?

    Breaking 57 years of clean-shaven tradition, effective today, cast members at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be permitted to sport facial hair.

    Quoting last week’s Employee Memo:
    “The Disney Look is an important part of the history and heritage of the Walt Disney Company. As the company continues to evolve, the Disney Look appearance guidelines must also be prepared to be re-evaluated with awareness to industry standards.

    “Effective Friday, Feb. 3, facial ...
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  4. Wily Coyote Visits the Disneyland Resort

    Cats, rats, mice, all manner of fowl—regular Disneyland visitors have probably spotted them all. But workers on the graveyard shift claim to have spied another, more formidable species of wildlife wandering around the park: coyotes.

    Such tales have been difficult to confirm—until recently. On October 10, a coyote was found wandering inside the tunnels underneath the Disneyland Hotel.

    “It caused quite a stir with the cast members. They were running away and hiding from ...
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  5. Ebook 'em, Mickey

    Of the countless hundreds (if not thousands) of books written over the years about Disney’s theme parks and animation, only a small percentage have yet to be released in ebook form.

    A quick search of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store showed only a dozen ebooks about Disneyland, and almost all were 99-cent quickies. There were close to 50 about Walt Disney World, but, again, few of them appeared to be of book length or quality. Amazon’s Kindle Store had an endless supply ...

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