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  1. Tink Lover's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. My daughter was thrilled to be picked on one of our trips. We got there early to see the show ... but I told her that there was no way she would be picked, there are just too many kids who want to do it. And in fact, Merlin originally picked another little boy, and I cheered him on loudly. But that little boy was too scared and he didn't want to do it, so Merlin picked again. And this time the magic stick pointed at my daughter. "You were wrong Mom ... I DID get picked," she beamed. Such a nice memory.
  2. Burnt Toast's Avatar
    Seeing how some Guests are really inconsiderate and rude when it comes to DLR Big Thunder Mountain Cast Members, I wouldn't be surprised if Guests are never allowed to ride in the pilot cabs again.

    It was nice of WDW management to consider the feelings of the Monorail pilots in this trying time for them who would have no such escape like BTMRR Cast Members have if a Guest decides to be a complete jerk about the whole situation.
  3. David Koenig's Avatar
    DB - There are typically other trains in or near the TTC when Monorails are diverted to the spur, so the only way the trains can move on the same track when they're this close together is for both vehicles to disable their anti-collision systems.
  4. dbanimate's Avatar
    Do the monorail drivers have to disable their anti-collision systems in order to get them backed into the correct position to close down at night? It's just so sad that those safety features weren't able to prevent this tragedy : (
  5. David Koenig's Avatar
    Dave - Great question. During our several trips on the Monorails yesterday I noticed that no guests were in the noses. Not sure how long the new policy will last (or even if there is a new policy. I guess there's a chance they didn't seat guests in the noses during those trips to save time dealing with the huge crowds.).
    Both Disney World and Disneyland stopped seating guests in the noses for an extended period following 9/11.
  6. BrandonH's Avatar
    I feel sorry for the families that have other riders in their log pull stunts like this. Some of them waited over an hour to ride, and then they either get an inappropriate picture or no picture opportunity.
  7. davidgra's Avatar
    Hi David - thanks for the update on the return of the monorail service.

    Do you know if they are still letting guests ride in the pilot cabs of the monorails? One cast member I know speculated that guests would no longer get to ride up front anymore, but I haven't heard any confirmation of that.
  8. MikeDemo's Avatar
    Yes I agree. When I was a Cast member Guests were well, Guests. However Cast Members have more wonderful guests then not. It is very sad to see that Austin Wuennenberg passing away but I am sure he loved making magic.
  9. JCrickett's Avatar
    My favorite is when people get mad that Disney "stole" an idea from them. A thought passed on to a friend or family member after having read or heard an idea from someone else (from who-knows where) and they think they brainstormed it.

    Listen people, memory has a strange way of changing things in your had. People at the '64 World's Fair remember the audio-animatronic of Mr. Lincoln stepping down off the stage and shaking hands with the audience members. It just simply didn't happen.

    Disney has a whole arsenal of ideas that have yet to come to fruition. Stop trying to get your stolen 15 minutes of fame.
  10. SteveK's Avatar
    Argh, ye be a wee bit off yer rocker matey.

    Seriously, after the longest "Dear...." in the world, you get the longest opening sentence in a letter I've ever seen. 8 lines, one sentence. I ran out of breath just reading it.

    Don't people realize that their inability to compose a coherent letter only makes them come off that much less believeable.
  11. DwarfPlanet's Avatar
    The problem is I see no facts, just ranting, raving and threats. I would have to go to the website listed but I probably won't because I have already in my mind chocked this guy up to be a nut case.
  12. olegc's Avatar
    "I WILL NOT BE INGNORED!" - under full disclosure that was uttered by Glenn Close in the film Fata Attraction, yada yada yada... all legal terms.. :-)
  13. Park Freak's Avatar
    With wording on the title, I was expecting pictures.
  14. spectromen's Avatar
    Awesome. I didn't realize the Birdcage was even closed most of the year since I always see it open during the Christmas Crafts Festival.
  15. red chicken's Avatar
    Just don't let Janet Jackson ride and we should all be alright. Although I don't mind the PG-13 nature of this random and I would think, EXTREMELY RARE act. Plus on a hot day you are going to see all the skin you can stand, and some that you won't want to stomach. So if it bothers you that much, just blindfold your family and stumble around the park on all fours.
  16. ryanvalle's Avatar
    maybe its no longer going to be photo editing positions, but photo screening positions/jobs?

    Just have a CM go through what gets flashed with a delete button to click when anything questionable comes up...
  17. olegc's Avatar
    cm's won;t need to sell it. with better digital camera technology compared to before people can take their own photos. slightly more blurry than ToT or space mountain but still visible.

    Frankly i am glad this was posted as well. I know the intent was not to advertise - and i am all about knowing something so I can make a decision to not hang around there instead of being oblivisious, have children exposed to this, and then somehow blame Disney for not warning you. Consider ourselves warned... And David - I guess May 1st at 8:01am will be how fast ;-)
  18. currence's Avatar
    Perhaps I think too highly of the folks here at Mouseplanet. But I just don't see most of the people who come here to plan trips or participate in Disney forums as the ones who were also lifting shirts and flashing gang signs.

    I've always assumed "those people" were more likely casual visitors who weren't sure if the pictures would be displayed but flashed something anyway - just in case. Once their photos don't display, they're less likely to try again, at least on that trip. I still periodically see the removed photos so obviously people still try from time to time. Once someone has success with an inappropriate photo, I believe this will encourage further attempts.

    I'm glad to know of this pending change, because I may now walk a little quicker out of the photo display area to make sure my kids don't see something inappropriate. And if they do, I'm now prepared to complain rather than just dismiss it as something slipping through cracks.

    The next test will be - assuming they display an inappropriate photo - will the cast members sell it?
  19. TiggerRPh's Avatar
    if true...this seems very irresponsible to post this. It's only going to encourage the undesired behavior. If nothing was said...who would have known they screeners were gone.
  20. Andrew's Avatar
    Perhaps it's all been automated. There have been great strides made in image pattern recognition.
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