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  1. Jimbo996's Avatar
    I don't think they should hold back. Re-theme the entire area as Marvel. It shouldn't be hard. Frozen won't last forever. They still need to add an enclosed lobby for the theater. What about the rumor for a Great Mickey Ride copy coming to Disneyland Resort, perhaps California Adventure, that's going to Orlando's Disney Hollywood Studios Park.

    The best bet is probably re-theme Hollywood land as City of Los Angeles and have a mix of Marvel and Hollywood attractions.
  2. David Koenig's Avatar
    Wait, Oleg, are you saying you don't see the inherent connection between California and The Little Mermaid, Mike & Sully to the Rescue, and Guardians of the Galaxy???
  3. olegc's Avatar
    Oh yeah. Guests are so used to closures what's the big deal about putting bleachers out And shutting off access to areas. They keep playing the "hits". Maybe it will include a price increase to offset all of the people used to set up And tear down - or just rehire the laid off imagineers to do the job.

    Oh yeah - will DCA's name get recycled to Disney Studios? or "Place your favorite attraction here" - the California backstory is essentially over.
    Maybe they'll call it a park within a park.
    Updated 08-09-2016 at 12:56 PM by olegc
  4. Jimbo996's Avatar
    I thought PhotoPass should merge with Fastpass+ for everything is supposed to be linked, but the linkage should be at a higher level, not at the department level.
  5. Sleeping Suzi's Avatar
    Thank you!
  6. David Koenig's Avatar
    Just the departments are separating, so they will be under different managers.
    There will still be PhotoPass photographers throughout the park, including at Meet & Greets.
    Upgrade away.
  7. Sleeping Suzi's Avatar
    Does that mean there won't be photopass photographers at the characters? Or just that the departments are separating?
    If there won't be photopass at the characters in will not be upgrading my AP next week!
  8. ASAP17's Avatar
    Can anyone confirm this is finally getting destroyed with Star Wars Land? Hear it's still been sitting there since this was announced.
  9. jonyyeh's Avatar
    Unlike Tokyo Disneyland (owned and operated by Oriental Land Co.), doesn't Disney largely control the operations of Hong Kong Disneyland, even though the Hong Kong Government owns a 52% stake in the resort?
    Updated 10-22-2015 at 07:51 PM by jonyyeh
  10. David Koenig's Avatar
    Yes, and then it's right back into the deep freeze!
  11. olegc's Avatar
    What about avengers half marathon. Cap has to show up for his own 10k right?
  12. Jimbo996's Avatar
    "closing by January 11, 2015" ... You mean 2016?

    Disappointed that no Halloween events held in the ranch. There was a lot of fun things there.
  13. corona's Avatar
    Uh, do you really the expect the video to be as good as life?
  14. Mowsefan's Avatar
    Cast members interviewed sounded concerned. “There will be TV surveillance, but it won’t be the same,” one remarked. “How will they know that person walking through the turnstile is the person on the ID?”
    If the guest's photos can pop up on the screen at the entrances, a cast member's photo can pop up on the remote monitoring location just as easy. The security person can look at the file photo and the person walking in and then take action as needed.
  15. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    I remember when Mr. Koenig reported on things such as the park's terrible safety standards of the late '90s, which lead to the horrific and fatal Sailing Ship Colombia accident. Now that the park's safety standards have improved, there are only reports on inconsequential things such as the rumored removal of something that is "off-stage" and most guests will have never seen, or even know existed.
    I wonder if Mr. Koenig has ever thought of all of the major changes that the park has gone through before his lifetime? (Please do not mock me, it is a legitimate question)

    This news is a shame yes, but is it not important to have space for guests with EVCs? I swear, no matter what the park does, they just can't win in the eyes of the Internet watchdogs.
  16. MonoAutoRail's Avatar
    Too bad! A better use of Imagineering time would be to do something with the Mansion's real dead space: the loading area. What sort of lavish Mansion has a big gaping empty space at the foot of a grand staircase?
  17. Dave1313's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Disneylandfanguy

    It's a shame, to be sure. I don't think it's necessary to get rid of the seats, but let's be honest, the original bridge rails did have rather huge gaps. I wouldn't be surprised of people have lost their belongings in the past.
    Regarding personal belongings, I'm sure it would still be easy for someone to drop a cell phone and have it accidentally end up in the moat.

    Too many lawyers! (or rather, too many people willing to sue for their own lack of personal responsibility)
    Updated 10-01-2014 at 05:34 AM by Dave1313
  18. Disneylandfanguy's Avatar
    "Castle Drawbridge Will Never Rise Again "

    And when exactly was the park planning on raising the drawbridge again? Has that occasion ever come up in the last 10 years?

    "I’ve heard of guests tumbling into lagoons, rivers and canals, but never of anyone falling off the bridge."

    Let me guess, if you had heard of someone fallen from the drawbridge, you would have made a blog post stating. "Shame on the park for not having fall protection!" Right?

    It's a shame, to be sure. I don't think it's necessary to get rid of the seats, but let's be honest, the original bridge rails did have rather huge gaps. I wouldn't be surprised of people have lost their belongings in the past.

    Mr. Koenig, you always seem to get melodramatic at the park whenever a change is made, but have you ever stopped to consider all of the changes that the park has gone through before your lifetime?
  19. Jimbo996's Avatar
    The drawbridge is hardly ever raised and lowered. Either way, it is an non-issue.

    Hey, if you really want to know what a frivolous lawsuit is, the on-going legal case brought by those proporting to protect autistic children is it.
  20. nickjandrews's Avatar
    We need to burn the lawyers at the stake. Or hang them! This is far beyond absurd. DL has been open for how many years now with how many guests and not a single instance of this happening?
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