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Realityland's David Koenig

Random Disneyland and Walt Disney World tidbits too time-sensitive or inconsequential to cram into a formal article.

  1. Disneyland Slows Down Mark Twain

    When the Mark Twain and Columbia return to the Rivers of America July 29, they will be traveling slower in order to maintain their traditional ride duration of 14 to 15 minutes.

    Since the reconfigured river is shorter, the ride time could have been cut. But Disney figured the slower speed would make it easier to maintain loading and unloading times, particularly when running both boats, and and to coordinate with the rafts and canoes. “It’s a ballet on the river,” explained one cast ...
  2. Safety Closures Reach the Island

    For the past two years, Disneyland began proactively overhauling the fall-protection systems on its attractions to improve employee safety. But three weeks ago, after being hit with large fines relating to a worker slipping down the roof of Space Mountain, the resort went into “full panic mode” and immediately closed Space and two other high-profile rides.

    From now on, as soon as any potential fall hazard is detected, a ride won’t open. Disney, said one cast member, “will go above ...