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If I've Said It Once...

Here are the things that come up time and time again on our message boards, but that I seem to see most often: Disneyland Trip Planning Issues, Parenting Issues, Theme Park Access Issues, and Message Board Eyerolls - A One-Stop Shop for my opinions and FAQ answers. Because since 2001, there's been more than a few things that If I've Said Them Once, I've Said Them A Thousand Times...

  1. Confessions of a Disney Dining Plan Convert

    From the time I started to plan my first trip to WDW, I was convinced that the Disney Dining Plan would not be on our agenda. The idea of the plan overwhelmed me. I was concerned that I would be obsessed with getting my money's worth, panicking about getting my ADR's lined up, overwhelmed by trying to coordinate where we would be when and confused by two-credit/Signature restaurant restrictions.

    Gradually, things changed.

    First, I assembled my preliminary list of must-do/cannot ...