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  1. thymeandplace's Avatar
    When we last went to DW we ended up carrying our food with us in our backpack that was full of ice-cold water bottles. The water bottles slowly melted but kept our food cool until we could get back to the hotel. It worked out extremely well for us and allowed us to not only save our food, but save space as well.
  2. fairestoneofall's Avatar
    I must admit, I'm guilty.
    First, sometimes I use many !!!'s and ???'s
    Second....I do.....use excess.
    Third, somtimes i forget to use caps....oops.
  3. TheCoachman's Avatar
    you really blogged about a
  4. TinaMouse's Avatar
    You can use your snack credits for breakfast if you're careful. We were at POFQ and we got an order of 6 beignets ($3.99) and a fruit cup ($2.99). With our refillable mugs, we split the food and had breakfast for free! It worked out well for us because with the large TS meals each day and another CS, we didn't snack much. Glad you're a convert!
  5. Klutch's Avatar
    Mrs. Klutch and I did the Dining Plan for our last visit. We thought it was great! A few points...

    - We burned extra credits for California Grill and Yachtsman Steakhouse. The atmosphere and watching the MK fireworks from California Grill was awesome. The food was just OK. Yachtsman Steakhouse was well worth the extra credit. I had the best ribeye ever there. There's no view, but the atmosphere is nice.

    - Boma, the buffet at Animal Kingdom Lodge is well worth a visit. I have visited mulitple, high end buffets in Las Vegas and Boma spanks them all. Boma is also very kid friendly. And try the Kenyan coffee served in a French press. I think it's better than Kona.

    - The Sunshine Seasons Food Fair at Epcot is a good place for counter service lunch. You will find lots of fresh fruits and veggies there; often missing at other counter service eateries.

    - Another good counter service place is Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom.

    - Book Rose & Crown at Epcot just before Illuminations. Request a seat on the patio. It's a great place to watch the show. Even if you're seated inside, you can walk out onto the patio to watch Illuminations. The food is also quite good.
  6. adriennek's Avatar
    Oooh, thanks for the tips, Janell!
  7. janell's Avatar
    We used the re-fillable mugs a lot, at Pop, which I was sort of shocked. lol One way we cut down cost of drinks was a cooler back pack. No not Vera(darn) Igloo. :-) Got it at Target, Im sure they will be on sale soon, but it wasn't all that much.

    We order sodas and water from an online store which delivered. It worked great and saved a lot of money, my husbands really likes his Coke Zero. lol

    I have heard people say they had a lot left over food. Not sure if they were talking about a meal and desert or what. On our trip I had a small tupperware with me and I placed left over cake, cookies, anything that wouldn't melt in it and put in the cooler. Worked great.
  8. olegc's Avatar
    Our family visited in 2007 with only 4 days - and we thought that we spent way more than we could haev without the plan. I guess we did not plan on visiting that many places: we had Sci Fi, Boma, Poppins breakfast, and a Fantasmic! dinner (bummer we had to take it at 3:30). that was it - and the remainder we could not eat any of the food (they MADE us take most of it). Then, when we had credits left, we felt guilty and tried to take food home with us. I think if you stay longer, and plan to visit many more sit-downs, then the plan makes sense. If you plan more counter service and fewer sit downs it may not make sense.
  9. Drince88's Avatar
    And I would NOT be shocked if you found you could do SOME sharing of the CS meals. Especially since all non-breakfast CS meals come with dessert.

    If some of your CS meals are in the food court - you can get bottled water for your drink, save THAT for later, and use your mugs - thus saving another snack credit! (Since I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to want to use a number of snack credits at the F&W festival!!)
  10. adriennek's Avatar
    Yep, I just figured that out a bit ago. Thanks!

    Fortunately, I forgot to mention that I only calculated in 9 counter service meals so we actually have 2 more unbudgeted for counter service meals plus all the Table Service PLUS the snacks, so we'll have some budget wiggle room for the cups.
  11. Drince88's Avatar
    Just want to make sure that you know that the refillable mugs are not included as part of the 'basic' (regular) dining plan, right.
  12. olegc's Avatar
    here here! When we travelled in Jan 2007 we used AA miles to fly BUT used a travel agent for everything else. Despite the fact we were on a whirlwind 4 day and did not spend a lot of time in the hotel (Pop Century) we enjoyed using the agent because they not only got us the price and type of tickets but made recommendations on food, reservations, and timing. Great stuff.. (don't know when we'll be back - gotta convince the other half ;-) )
  13. underthesea1987's Avatar
    If I have to see one more person type in all caps or use way ,way too many ! or ?. This is in general across the internet. The only thing worse than all caps, imho, is tYpIng LiKe ThIs.
  14. MrsGrumpy's Avatar
    Disregard...I see that you posted.
  15. MrsGrumpy's Avatar
    Post it you silly girl! Those threads are loaded with people who love to help, and people like me who like to get new ideas.

    Happy Planning!!!
  16. kikid's Avatar
    Stupid "ninny" #2 onboard!
    Adrienne have you read the 2009 Unofficial Guide to WDW?
    This is how I came to the conclusion we would not be participating in the DP. It's thick, but chocked full of good advice.
    You may borrow my book after our trip in December.
  17. Andrew's Avatar
    Post the question! The worst that will happen is you'll several opinions to consider.
  18. Jim Dear and Darling's Avatar
    Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.
  19. MrsGrumpy's Avatar
    I am sooooo with you one this one Adrienne!
  20. Niwel's Avatar
    Thank you!
    I post on a wedding planning board and it irks me when people say they are going to Disney for their honeymoon.

    I even have a sig line: say "world" or say "land" you can't honeymoon AT Disney
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