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Message Board Etiquette

I think the title explains it. These are peeves that tend to be... impolite behavior on a message board. Many times it's just because new members don't know the etiquette of message boards. I'm helpful enough to offer these suggestions.

  1. Message Board Tip: The Search Function is your friend, too!

    It's not just Google, anymore. Many times I've posted "Google is your friend" because many questions are answered so quickly by "St. Google of the Computer" as it's known in our house.

    But our own Search Function is handy dandy, too!!

    For example:

    If you're have a question about romantic restaurant dining in Disneyland and you remember that adriennek always recommends the same place but you can't remember which place that is....

    You can ...
  2. The Return Key Is Your Friend

    Ok, this still isn't helpful for trip planning, but hopefully it will make everyone's experiences on message boards better. If posts aren't readable, they're of no use to anyone, including the member making the post.


    When typing up a trip report or any otherwise long post, PLEASE use returns and space out paragraphs to make posts readable. PLEASE.

    If you've asked a long detailed question and you're wondering why there ...