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If I've Said It Once...

Here are the things that come up time and time again on our message boards, but that I seem to see most often: Disneyland Trip Planning Issues, Parenting Issues, Theme Park Access Issues, and Message Board Eyerolls - A One-Stop Shop for my opinions and FAQ answers. Because since 2001, there's been more than a few things that If I've Said Them Once, I've Said Them A Thousand Times...

  1. Confessions of a Disney Dining Plan Convert

    From the time I started to plan my first trip to WDW, I was convinced that the Disney Dining Plan would not be on our agenda. The idea of the plan overwhelmed me. I was concerned that I would be obsessed with getting my money's worth, panicking about getting my ADR's lined up, overwhelmed by trying to coordinate where we would be when and confused by two-credit/Signature restaurant restrictions.

    Gradually, things changed.

    First, I assembled my preliminary list of must-do/cannot ...
  2. Everyone needs a travel agent

    There I said it.

    I don't know what it is about the Internet that makes everyone think they need to do everything themselves. Doing things myself makes my head hurt. There's too much to KNOW. Way too much.

    And travel agents KNOW it. It's like, their jobs. They have access to it.

    I fell in love with my travel agent just booking hotels for me. I wanted a last minute hotel room near Disneyland and I didn't want to sit on the phone, scour websites or try ...
  3. A Whole New World - HOW do people DO this?

    I don't know how anyone plans a vacation to Walt Disney World. Seriously. I feel like I am a stupid ninny!

    Here's the thing: I'm looking for the answer to a question, but I know that I don't want to embarrass myself too much on "my" own message boards so I'm trying to find the answer by myself.

    First I searched because the Search Engine is my Friend! Ok, well I found some information in my search. Armed with those tidbits I went to the MousePlanet Walt Disney World ...
  4. Revisiting the Keyboard: Stop the Neglect and the Abuse!

    In their infinite wisdom, the creators of the typewriter keyboard created many wonderful keys. Some of the most important include the shift key, the caps lock key, the Y, O, ., !, and ? keys. These poor keys get alternatively neglected and abused. I think it's time we put a stop to this, don't you?

    First, the poor neglected keys.

    At some point, someone decided that not using shift, y and o keys would be keen and unique and clever.

    I am here to clarify ...
  5. Message Board Tip: The Search Function is your friend, too!

    It's not just Google, anymore. Many times I've posted "Google is your friend" because many questions are answered so quickly by "St. Google of the Computer" as it's known in our house.

    But our own Search Function is handy dandy, too!!

    For example:

    If you're have a question about romantic restaurant dining in Disneyland and you remember that adriennek always recommends the same place but you can't remember which place that is....

    You can ...
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