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Mark My Words

Breaking news and opinions from MousePlanet writer, editor and podcaster Mark Goldhaber.

  1. Just a random "You never know..."

    We were talking about all types of listener suggestions on our first anniversary edition of the MouseStation Podcast when a line from Blotto's "(We Are) The Nowtones" -- a song about a lounge act -- popped into my head. Of course, once it was in my head, I had to mention it on the show. (After they all sing "We love the customers; they always make suggestions," Bowtie Blotto -- they're all surnamed Blotto, kind of like The Ramones -- yells out "Play something good!")

  2. Should we take that left turn in Albuquerque? Good question.

    Well, the announcement is out, and the Disney shareholder meeting will be held in Albuquerque this year. It's time once again to consider whether it's worth the expense to have someone from MousePlanet cover the shareholder meeting in person again this year. I've done it for the last four years, but there has been less and less to report each year.

    First of all: Albuquerque? Why would Disney be in Albuquerque? The nearest I can figure is that High School Musical is ostensibly ...
  3. When is an anniversary show not an anniversary show?

    This Friday's MouseStation Podcast is our first anniversary show. The first episode was published on January 11, 2007. But this show isn't going to be published on time. Due to scheduling and technical issues, the show isn't going to be published until late Friday night, and most people won't be able to listen to it until Saturday morning.

    It's not an ideal situation, but it's what happens when people actually have real lives. It's unfortunate that it happened to our anniversary ...

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  4. The Back Side of Midnight

    Here I am again, at 3 a.m. I just finished publishing the MouseStation Podcast after falling asleep twice while writing the show notes, finally getting it uploaded, testing the RSS feed, publishing the MousePlanet site for the day, realizing that I forgot to include something in the show notes about the CMO contest because it was announced after we recorded so it wasn't on the show, adding it in, and re-uploading.

    I also just realized that I have an email that needs to be responded ...
  5. If the bloom is off the rose, can it bud anew?

    I see that Disney and CareerBuilder have launched another dream job contest, this time to find a Chief Magic Official for the parks. After checking to see if I would be disqualified from entering because of my work here (I'm in the clear), I started thinking about whether I could actually do this.

    What gives me pause is this nagging feeling that I've been having over the last year or so, and it revolves around everything that I do here at MousePlanet. It's not that I regret my work ...

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