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Mark My Words

Breaking news and opinions from MousePlanet writer, editor and podcaster Mark Goldhaber.

  1. Disney Dragon soars over New Fantasyland!

    Last night at the media preview party in the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland, months of preparations and weeks of promotion paid off as a dragon soared over the crowd, drawing oohs and aahs. We captured most of the flight on video, and then got a follow-up commentary from the man behind Disney's dragon promotion, Gary Buchanan. At this time, there is no word on whether the dragon will make return appearances or if it was just a one-night-only appearance. It worked so well, though, that it would ...
  2. Media event schedule updated

    In talking about this week's media event in yesterday's Walt Disney World Resort Update, I noted: "It's quite possible that there will be more, but a final schedule is still proving elusive. We've been told that things are still changing but that we'll get a final schedule when we arrive on Wednesday." Well, I got a "Snapshot Itinerary" yesterday afternoon, and there are already adjustments being made to my expectations.

    Some things that I didn't expect:
    • While Pirates of