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  1. kroseycorn's Avatar
    In short, I think Disney is probably downplaying how bad the cruises were for liability reasons -- not wanting to admit any guilt in terms of the decision making that resulted in breeches of safety and discomfort (understatement!) that guests experienced. Here is my post from the site and the discussion happening there:

    My husband and I spent the night in the atrium on the 26th with some other folks, not wanting to be in our stateroom on deck 8. We were just too scared and felt we could get more information and have a better idea of our safety in a main area of the ship.

    It really was a terrifying night. I was standing in the rotunda surrounded by the gift shops when the boat listed heavily from side to side the second time. Cast members had locked themselves into the shops (possibly fearing we would loot?? where would we go with our smashed loot??) and were starting to clean up smashed mugs and the merchandise that had rolled off the shelves. When we suddenly arched from side to side, presumably broadsided by waves, I watched in horror as the merchandise displays smashed from wall to wall with cast members jumping for safety and trying to escape being crushed by the racks. People were laying on the floor, screaming, running for the doors (which were locked!). Many cast members were in tears in their pajamas on the floor of the rotunda after the experience. I called for someone to get medical help after watching the chaos unfold. I assumed someone was injured or worse. Disney says no one was injured.

    Watching this break in the stoicism of the staff shook me and I really felt that the roughness of the sea was not anticipated and that we could be in a situation that we were not capable of navigating. Some of you might this this naive, but I truly thought the ship was in trouble after witnessing that. I believe I went into shock for around a half-hour afterwards, grabbing my husband at every bump, fearing that we would be broadsided and “tip” again. Guests filtered into the atrium afterwards, holding blankets and pillows, some carrying their lifejackets, some in tears.

    We stayed there all night, buoyed by the confidence of cast members and more seasoned cruisers who assured us that, while miserable, we would survive the night and would have a tale to tell. I hope that Disney would not intentionally put us in harms way just to get back to Port Canaveral and get the boat turned around to sail. From the moment we headed north, it seemed like we were going the wrong way. I am not, however, a captain of a ship and do not have much seafaring experience. It’s possible that the company’s motivations were in the wrong place, but it is also very possible that we ended up in a bad situation because the storm slowed. I would hope that the company would not put families, individuals with disabilities, small children and the elderly in a very uncomfortable and (say what you want of my naivete) terrifying experience just to get new people on the ship. Again, this could be way over my level of understanding, but could we not have avoided the whole ordeal by staying in Miami, the Keys or a day at sea on the SW side of Florida? Or perhaps remained in St. Thomas?

    I must add that we had a really wonderful time right up to 10pm (sailing away party), and even had a very fun dinner at Palo the night of the 26th. The cast members were great, the ship is gorgeous and I would highly recommend it. Just avoid hurricane season.

    Also, here is a link to my interview with a local news station:

    Chad McGee, another poster in that discussion, says it best with "Not every bad decision leads to a catastrophe, but the catastrophe usually starts with a bad decision. Although they won’t admit any lack of good judgment, I hope that their outwardly oblivious view of what happened is only for legal reasons and that they’ve learned a lesson for next time."
  2. rfassett's Avatar
    The mis-information or non-information coming out of the DCL camp is down right frightening. Rebecca Peddie also told another outlet that the Dream, missing its ports of call, was enjoying a sunny day at sea. She obviously was not on that ship. There was no sun, the wind was heavy enough to close down the outside decks - their was no magic on that ship. She needs to stop attempting to paint everything with a Mickey brush. It just is not that way. The truth is what we all want to hear. The pictures, video and testimony of those on the Fantasy belie Ms Peddie's statements.
  3. Just Believe's Avatar
    I personally feel that everyone's attention span is becoming too sporadic and people need to stop burying their heads in the Internet while at the parks. However, for the majority of people, I think it's a smart move on Disney's part and will pave the way for a whole new theme park experience
  4. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    Looks pretty nice, though I have very little free space left on my iPod Touch so it keeps crashing. I'll have to free up some space to have some longer play times with it. Thanks, Burnt Toast!
  5. stan4d_steph's Avatar
    I just downloaded the My Disney Experience app. Pretty slick! Lots of information on there.
  6. Burnt Toast's Avatar
    ... oh yah, and be advised that My Disney Experience is still a "sneak peek", so your mileage my vary!
  7. Burnt Toast's Avatar
    My Disney Experience was released yesterday for iOS and later this month for Android users. Enjoy!
  8. pceritello's Avatar
    Do you think they will open the Aug-Sept 2012 dates to US residents? Not only Canadian residents??
  9. zenifrax's Avatar
    Mark, did the presentation on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train actually say that the ride was inspired by scenes from the film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"? I don't remember seeing any racing or careening mine cars in the film. I'm wondering if someone is confusing the film with the DVD game "Dopey's Wild Mine Ride."

    Jeff Peterson
    Escondido, California
  10. oregontraveler's Avatar
    Bringing back Tahatiaan terrace, YAY. Circlevison returning too, double-YAY.
    It makes sense the terrace will return it its former spot. But do you think they will remodel
    the Magic Eye Theater (Catptain EO) for the new 360 theater ??? Otherwise I can't think of any other similar space that's available. Maybe 2nd floor of Innoventions...
  11. currence's Avatar
    I'm surprised that they would mention a Club 33 expansion in a general meeting. I preferred it when they pretended like Club 33 did not exist so that most people did not know what they were missing. I suppose with the internet most people who care enough to attend D23 are probably already aware of the Club they may never get into. I also suppose that if they expand Club 33 they can expand the membership rolls, though probably not enough to re-open the waiting list.
  12. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    The dates changed a couple of times between the time that I put the original blog post together and 7 a.m., when the deal went public and the post went live. And then there were a couple of changes after that. It should be correct now.
  13. Mark Goldhaber's Avatar
    Yes, the rest of the planning stuff is still there. They've just killed off the special events, or more likely rolled them into their standard special event planning group rather than having a special Grand Gathering Events category.
  14. TinaMouse's Avatar
    Yes, that's what I understood as well.
  15. 3Princesses1Prince's Avatar
    These are the dates currently listed on WDW's website:

    2011: Oct 2-8, Oct 23-Nov 5, Nov 13-19, Nov 27-Dec 3, Dec 11-17
    2012: Jan 8-14, Jan 22-Feb 4, Feb 12-18, Mar 4-10, Mar 25-31
  16. winotracy's Avatar
    I believe there is a mistake in the dates for October. I was just told October will be 10/2 - 8 and 10/30 - 11/5. Also available is August 19 - September 29, 2012 for Canadians.
  17. Drince88's Avatar
    You forgot a big one, Mark -- even if you arrive on the last day before a blackout period, you'll have free dining for the length of your stay, IF there is availability at your resort for that time period for this discount. This actually goes for ALL dates. There are times when Disney GREATLY restricts the availability, (and in my experiences) particularly near blackout periods.

    Come on Disney, throw your AP holders a bone! Nothing past Oct 1 yet, and you're already discounting dining through the end of MARCH!
  18. Drince88's Avatar
    Wasn't there more to Grand Gatherings than just the events - like the ability to coordinate multiple room reservations and being able to make meal reservations for larger groups?
  19. Drince88's Avatar
    I'm SOOOOOOO glad you got to ride the Aquaduck! I was going to wait for the Fantasy to go on another cruise, since I decided my next one needs to be at least 7 nights - but this alone might change my mind!!!

    It looks like the landing is nice and calm, too - which is a good thing on a ship (given how far I scooted across the landing area on the water coaster at Typhoon Lagoon!)
  20. David Koenig's Avatar
    Jim, Wade and I all appreciate the plug, and would like to add that not one, but all the books by MousePlanet's David Koenig are worth $5.05!
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