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  1. Jim Korkis/Wade Sampson book on sale at Amazon NOW!

    I just got an email from Jim Korkis, known here at MousePlanet since May 2006 under his secret identity of Wade Sampson (see "Wade Sampson's Last Column" for his reveal, ripping off the mask).

    As Jim put it, "Apparently, there was such a flurry of interest in the book that Amazon is selling it TODAY instead of Oct. 3...and even offering overnight shipping..."

    If you want to get your own copy of "The Vault of Walt", go to now. Add something else to your order ...
  2. "Buy 4, Get 3 Free" promotion extends to August 15 tomorrow morning

    I'm a little behind in catching up on last Tuesday's Walt Disney Company first quarter earnings conference call. On the call, Walt Disney Company CFO Tom Staggs announced that, effective tomorrow, the "Buy Four, Get Three Free" promotion will be extended through August 15. The end of the window for you to make your bookings will remain at March 29, though.

    It's still unknown whether, once we hit August 15, we'll see another extension of "Buy 4/Get 3" or the return of free dining. ...
  3. Disney Parks & Resorts offers buyouts to 619 executives throughout the company

    On Wednesday, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts announced a Voluntary Separation Plan (VSP) for domestic Parks and Resorts executives to achieve further reductions in the cost of running the company's massive theme parks business.

    In a statement regarding the offering, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Executive Vice President for Worldwide Public Affairs Leslie Goodman said that "[t]his immediate action is designed to allow us to effectively manage our business while we continue to deliver ...
  4. Disney Annual Shareholder Meeting to be held March 10 in Oakland

    The 2009 Proxy Statement released by the Walt Disney Company has announced that the 2009 annual shareholder meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 10 in Oakland, California.

    For the entire text of the proxy statement, please see this post on our MousePad discussion forums.
  5. Ollie Johnston (1912-2008)

    I talked about it on today's MouseStation podcast, but realized that perhaps I should also post this here for those that don't listen to the show.

    Animation legend Ollie Johnston, the last surviving member of Walt's Nine Old Men, passed away from natural causes at age 95 on Monday at a long term care facility in Sequim, Washington. Johnston served as animator and directing animator of some of the best-loved Disney animated classics, including Show White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, ...

    Updated 04-18-2008 at 10:35 PM by Mark Goldhaber (Added links for donations to family-requested organizations)

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