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  1. Muppet Appearance at D23 Expo

    This is from Dick Cook's D23 Keynote on Friday, September 11, 2009.

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  2. Dick Cook Brings Celebs to Keynote

    The attendees of the second D23 Expo keynote were not disappointed first by the Disney Studios montage accompanied by live orchestra and choir nor by Dick Cook who gave the day's keynote. He brought on stage stars, directors and producers of some of Disney's upcoming movies. Among those on stage were Robert Zemeckis, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Elle Bleu Travolta and Tim Burton. John Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston, and daughter, 7 year old daugther Elle Bleu Travolta will all appear in the ...
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  3. Iger on Captain EO

    At a D23 News Conference yesterday afternoon, Disney President and CEO, Bob Iger, was asked if there were plans to bring Captain EO back, Iger responded that there are plans to bring the Michael Jackson 3D film back. The film was screened a few weeks ago internally to see what could be done with the film. According to Iger, the film has potential, and desires to "do it right" if they decide to bring it back.

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  4. Bob Iger D23 Keynote

    A quick post...

    It's been a busy day at the first D23 Expo. I attended Robert Iger's keynote, Disney Legends presentation, and a press conference with Iger and Steven Clark, head of the D23 Expo.

    Iger talked about growing watching the Mickey Mouse Club and Davy Crockett. He also addressed Disney's acquisition of Marvel Comics. Much of the Marvel news has already been reported.

    We got treated to the first 30 minutes of the Princess and the Frog. Yet ...

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  5. Disney News Coming On "The View"

    Rob Klein, of the Disney Archives, whose interview we aired over the last two Thursdays podcasts (1, 2) wrote me, "Let all your Disney fans know they should be watching "The View" all next week for some exciting Disney ground-breaking news. They are filming it from the Studio Lot in Burbank, all next week."
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