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Disneyland news and field reports

  1. 2012 Disneyana Fan Club DisneyanaMania Convention Begins Next Week

    Our friends at the Disneyana Fan Club asked me to remind everyone that the annual DisneyanaMania Convention begins next week at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Garden Grove. Download the flyer for more information.
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  2. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade Highlights

    Video of the premiere of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at Disneyland.

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  3. Star Tours: Early Departure Video

    Editors of the Disney Parks Blog invited 1200 of their readers (and one guest each) to take an early trip on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. David Koenig and I chat with the first three groups in line before and after they ride and get the initial reactions from the first people off the first Star Speeder 1000.

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  4. Photos from the Star Tours Early Departure Event at Disneyland

    This morning 2400 people were the first to experience the new Star Tours at Disneyland. A program called "Star Tours Early Departure" gave 1200 Disneyland Blog readers with a guest the chance to be the first to experience the West Coast version of the attraction.

    Star Tours Early Departure guests wait to enter the esplanade


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  5. Videos from the Disneyland debut of "The Magic, the Memories and You!"

    The Disneyland Debut of "The Magic, the Memories and You!"

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    Disneyland Resort President George Kalogridis and show director Alan Bruun's opening comments prior to the debut of the ...

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