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  1. New Life

    So much has happened since last year....Broke off an engagement...and actually got married to a really wonderful man.

    Now I find myself planning another trip to Disneyland for this July!
  2. 3 Days!

    The last six weeks went by really fast, so I am hoping the next three days won't be that long...but I just have a feeling they are going to be the longest days!

    I've been watching the weather and it looks like they'll be a small rain storm the days we're there with Friday getting the most of it with a 50% chance of rain and then Saturday a 30% chance of scattered showers. I'm praying for no rain, but packing the ponchos just in case we need them. The only good thing about the rain ...
  3. Shirts!

    Okay so here are the shirts!

    We each made our own and then helped each other make sure our lettering looked good.

    I didn't get any pictures of the back but JT's had GROOM across the top and JL (Our soon to be initials) and I put BRIDE at the bottom of my shirt and JL on my shoulder.

    They turned out really great, and I can't wait to wear them Friday!
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  4. Back from ComiCon...

    Had a wonderful weekend in Seattle for the ECCC, however, it made me realize I am a picky travel buddy.

    Going on that mini trip to Seattle really made me get excited to take my real vacation to Disneyland NEXT WEEK (JUST REALIZED IT'S NEXT WEEK!).

    I already got out the BIG suitcase, to which JT asked - is that big enough?! When I told him - Yes, there's enough room for our stuff plus room to bring back things he responded "Well, I don't know - I'm not a traveler!!" ...
  5. All better!

    Wow - the power of water, vitamins, a crap ton of fruit and other healthy sickness only lasted three days!

    This weekend I'm headed off to EmeraldCity Comicon with my brother and HS bestie, so I'm taking a mini break from thinking/planning about Disneyland - which will be good because I'm getting a little obsessive haha.

    I had an idea to make shirts for Friday in DLR. JT's would say "I asked..." and mine would say "...I said yes!" On the ...
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