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October Disney Cruise

  1. Of Snorkeling and Spas

    9:01 p.m.
    Seems like an odd time to be excited about. I mean it's not like 12:34 or even 1:23. But what made 9:01 so special last Saturday night was that it was when Mr. Niwel and I could book our excursions and spa times on our cruise.

    We had another couple over that night for dinner, so at 8:53 I excused myself from the table and went to the living room. I logged in to our reservation on the Disney Cruise Line site and hit refresh several times. Then ..... just like that ...
  2. Cruising With the Niwels: Fish Extenders

    I think I must spend too much time online.
    I not only know what a Fish Extender is, I know how to make it.

    What is an FE?

    It actually is a bag or holder that hooks onto the metallic fish next to your cabin door. It is so others in your group can leave you notes and treats.

    There are some people that get really into making one. I am not nearly that crafty. So I told Mr. Niwel that I would go to the Dollar Store and purchase two bags and some ...

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    October Disney Cruise
  3. Cruising With the Niwels: I think we're gonna....

    The last few months have been spent guessing and second guessing all of our decisions regarding this cruise (which is now less than six months away.

    Me: I think we're going to see if we should take DME back to the airport instead of taking the DCL shuttle because it might get us to the port faster.
    DH: OK
    Me: On second thought, I checked with our TA and other posters on the message board and they said the shuttle from POFQ is nice and easy ...
  4. Cruising With the Niwels: Play It Again

    We have two trip DVDs and have recorded the Travel Channel's special on the Disney Cruise.

    Once a week we watch a least one of them. Even though we aren't going until October, Mr. Niwel and I are getting so into this trip that it might as well be Labor Day Weekend right now instead of President's Day.

    Last week we walked from our home to a bagel place two miles away. We spent the entire time talking about our trip -- from driving to the parking place here to taking ...

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    October Disney Cruise
  5. Cruising With The Niwels: The Route and The Room

    After Mr. Niwel and I finally decided we wanted to do a DCL trip, the next question was when and where (the two go hand-in-hand since the ships go so many different places).

    We knew off-season made more sense financially, and since both of us had year-round jobs, we could go whenever -- almost (we couldn't go around Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur or Passover).

    At the same time, we knew we wanted a seven-nighter -- which meant the Magic. Mr. Niwel wasn't a fan of the Eastern ...

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    October Disney Cruise
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