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Grumpy Old Fool

That guy who does 'Mouse Flicks'

  1. Disneykin ad from 1972

    I found this on the back cover of a Dennis the Menace comic that was published in 1972. It cost $.25. I wonder if these were officially licensed. If they were, Disney was certainly more liberal with its licensing than they are now!

    Hamilton House.jpg
  2. Disney World Coming to Costa Rica

    I just saw this. I'm not sure if it's for real.

    Disney World Coming to Costa Rica
    The Costa Rica News
    Disney World Coming to Costa Rica The Costa Rica News (TCRN) Mayor Luis Gerardo Diaz of Liberia confirmed that the Disney corporation is taking steps to ...
  3. Mike's Annual Christmas Video: 'Scary Santas'

    I know its a bit early, but here at the Jersey Shore weve had a rough few weeks, and it continues to be rough for a lot of people. So heres my annual bit of Christmas cheer. NOTE: before showing this to small children, Id watch it myself.

  4. 'Disney pawn shop' to be reality TV show?

    WKMG Orlando is reporting that a pilot is being produced about a Winter Garden business that specializes in Disney collectibles:
  5. Madame Leota at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

    Here's a brief video I shot last night. Madame Leota was entertaining the crowds from the Haunted Mansion's front lawn. I apologize for the back-lighting, but the iPhone has no exposure controls.

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