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  1. fairestoneofall's Avatar
    Everything looks fabulous, Karin! I cannot wait to go in 11 days.

    AdK-I've never had the Baileyana, but I always seem to get the Ambullneo Vineyars Mastiff. I'm NOT complaining though, it's a very nice wine.
  2. adriennek's Avatar
    I'm cracking up - I don't know if they get a kickback from Baileyana or what but they ALWAYS manage to slip Baileyana in. I think next time we go I might say "We'd rather try something other than Baileyana this time" just to see what we get.

    I'm also laughing at the Lasorda but at least it's Chianti. Michael Jordan loves Lasorda and he thinks the Lasorda pinot grigio is the best anywhere -- I thought it was tasteless and tasted like a glass of water.

    Tiger Salad is my very favorite thing on the menu!! Did Kenji try ANY of your seafood?? I used to think I didn't like fish but you got some of my very favorite dishes and all of them have seafood in them!! (The ahi and the scallops. The scallops are one of their signature items that is frequently on the menu.)
  3. Toocherie's Avatar
    Great report! I am so torn--I want to do the tasting menu but I'm afraid there is no way I could eat all of that food! and I couldn't do the wine flight at all!
  4. CariBelle's Avatar
    Great report Karin!