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  1. The Pole Trick

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    We did this last year and it worked great! You end up standing behind where they have the Fantasmic priority viewing and have a great view. Here is a description from an old post...

    "If you don't mind standing for a few minutes instead of sitting, I have a great suggestion for you that will save you a lot of time. If you think about the Fantasmic! viewing area, there are 3 big lighting towers that are underground during the day, but come up on hydraulic poles for the show. The
  2. What is the "Goat Trick"?

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    Ahhhh, the goat trick . . .

    For those who don't want to look up the other thread, just look at the goat as the train whips around the corner, turning your head so that you're looking behind you. The disorientation that you'll feel is most pleasant to many, a bit sickening to some.
    The Goat Trick
  3. Which "Happiest Potty" Is Your Fave?

    The Secret Bathroom, revealed!!!!

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    Shana, I love you for keeping me entertained.

    The Baby Care Center potties are the best, IMO, but you already know about those.

    The "Secret" potty which is off of Carnation Plaza Gardens, near the tunnel to El Zocalo, is an individual "Family Style" bathroom.

    The bathrooms by Village Haus, near the border of Frontierland and Fantasyland are good because they have a

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