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  1. Pirates 45th Anniversary Tomorrow- Massive History Posting Then!

    Pirates Invade Tomorrow!

    Love Disney's classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction? So do I! Come back tomorrow on my Insights and Sounds blog for an extensive look at this attraction as it celebrates 45 years at Disneyland. Filled with concept art from all the Disney parks and attraction posters, it is a story you will not want to miss!
  2. Opening a Pandora's Box

    Tuesday's announcement of the Avatar project between Disney and James Cameron rightfully set the internet message boards ablaze, opening a Pandora's Box of sorts.

    Why would the Walt Disney Company set the Imagineers hard at work on projects promoting someone else's property? Has Imagineering and the company at large lost their creative touch? Why place it in Animal Kingdom? Does it really fit the earth-centric focus of the park? What attractions are planned? Where will they go? Is ...
  3. 20 Years Between WDW Visits- A Trip Report!

    Hard to inagine for us Disney geeks but absolutely true.
    Four Parks-
    Disney's Hollywood Studios
    Magic Kingdom
    Disney's Anaiml Kingdom
    One Water Park- Typhoon Lagoon
    Three Resort Stops-
    Grand Floridian
    Wilderness Lodge
    Polynesian Resort
    And the Village... all in 5 days.
    Read about it all here!
  4. Disneyland's Frontierland: It's History through The Attraction Posters

    Disneyland's Frontierland has seen so many changes, it is almost impossible to keep track! As one of the original lands in the original kingdom, Frontierland had so much of Walt in it. This was a good thing as Walt Disney was a man who loved the United States of America, appreciated its history, and had respect for the ideals on which it was founded.

    This deep sense of patriotism permeated the area. The earliest incarnation may have been politically incorrect in its reference to ...
  5. Reflections on Japan

    My heart just breaks for the wonderful Japanese people! Granted, my only visit thus far to the Land of the Rising Sun was way back in another decade, but I still remember the graciousness and warmth of the people. One particular story still sticks in my mind.

    I was lost in the backstreets of Tokyo. Not exactly the easiest way for an American with no Japanese language skills. Seeing no one in this little whisp of a street. Walking around with my little map knowing where I wanted to ...
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