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Welcome to my World

Random Disney and non-Disney musings from Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

  1. More on the LEGO Indiana Jones toys

    In today's Disneyland Park Update I wrote about the new Indiana Jones toys available at the LEGO store in Downtown Disney. The store is sold out of the toys, but I wrote that you can place a reservation from the next shipment both at the store and at

    Depending on your circumstances, it may be less expensive to order the toys directly from the Downtown Disney location. The DtD shop is offering not only the 10% annual pass discount but also free shipping. If you order them ...

    Updated 01-07-2008 at 03:19 PM by AVP

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  2. (It's still) Christmastime at Disneyland

    Last Friday I took some final photos of the 2007 Christmas tree and Main Street decorations, expecting them to be gone today. (There was no way I was going into the resort during this weekend's storm) The sky last week as grey and cloudy, so my photos weren't very good, but I took them anyway.

    Everyone has their own event that marks the "end" of the holiday season. For me, it's the first time I walk into Town Square and there's no tree. I always get a little sad when the tree comes ...
  3. Another difference between men & women

    Driving home in the rain tonight, Tony and I spotted a car that had spun out and crashed into the center divider. We didn't see the accident, but nobody else had stopped so we pulled over to render whatever aid we could. I called 911 on my cell phone while Tony ran to see if the anyone was injured.

    Luckily the driver, a lone young woman, was uninjured - but her car was completely inoperable. I was still waiting for a 911 operator to come on line when a vehicle with "California Exempt" ...
  4. The Art of Trial Balloons

    The Disneyland merchandise people have decided to open an art gallery in the exit of The Walt Disney Story. Is this a temporary expedient to help them sell off a bunch of artwork, or is this a trial for a possible permanent gallery inside the Opera House?

    Remember that Disney commissioned a ton of art for the Art of the Disney Theme Parks display at the Festival of Arts in Laguna? Less than half of it sold during the Dream... Imagine... Create... merchandise event in September. With ...

    Updated 01-06-2008 at 06:01 PM by AVP

    Disneyland , Disney Merchandise
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