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Random Disney and non-Disney musings from Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

  1. "Live" from DCA...

    Disney is previewing the new Pixar Play parade and the revamped Playhouse Disney show for the media today. Broadcast media have been here since 3am doing remotes for their heads ome markets, and there is a lot of international media. Someone commented that Disney is taking full advantage of the "Year of the Rat" (mouse) to engage the local Asian media.

    The parade and show have been in soft opening mode all week, so the real draw of this media event is the promised walk through of ...
  2. Cast Member union prepares for battle

    The March membership meeting of Local 681 was tonight, and a cast member who attended the meeting (and who asked not to be identified) said that the union is obviously gearing up for a long battle.

    Unite Here Local 681 president Ada Briceno said at the 3/12 meeting that the union has agreed to meet with Disney at the Anaheim Hilton, the location Disney proposed over a month ago. After staging a series of actions against Disney, including a protest at the Paradise Pier Hotel on February ...

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  3. When is a smart phone not so smart?

    I don't know why they call this a smart phone - how smart can it be when I have to dumb down my Web browser to allow me to post?

    Anyway, now that I have figured out how to get my phone to recognize text boxes, I can use it to post random updates from Disneyland. As the 7-year olds in VMK would say: Woot!

    The new Pixar parade is in soft opening mode this week, with performances at 5:15 each day. The official opening is Friday. Playhouse Disney is also soft open this ...
  4. A really poorly marketed "Week of Romance"

    It turns out that the carriage placed at the entrance to Downtown Disney on Monday is part of a "Week of Romance.". According to a banner that was put up above the carriage the morning of the 13th, the promotion actually began on the 11th and runs through Sunday the 17th.

    Nobody I've asked is entirely certain what is supposed to happen during the "Week of Romance." Downtown Disney's only jewelry store is not involved in any cross-promotion, and the restaurants do not seem to have ...
  5. Disneyland says Happy Valentine's Day

    I didn't hear about the DCA event yesterday in time to publish it in the park update, but I just got word that there will be a Dream Time event at Disneyland this Thursday evening.

    The resort has also parked a pretty white carriage near the entrance from the Downtown Disney parking lot, and is allowing guests to climb up there for a photo op. No PhotoPass photographers are stationed in the area, so you'll have to rely on the kindness of a passing stranger to snap your photo.
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