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  1. Lani's Avatar
    What a terrible decision on the part of runDisney. They took what was best about the weekend and turned it into yet another runDisney weekend.
  2. currence's Avatar
    We swapped our Disneyland passes for Knotts (and Sea World, and had money left over). I was planning on hating the theme park, enjoying the water park, and missing Disneyland. We went for the first time a few weekends ago and I didn't hate it as much as I expected (and my son really liked it, which was a nice change). We made sure we didn't see/do everything, so we might go back more than I initially expected. Now I'm looking forward to the Boysenberry Festival. Well played Knotts.
  3. njtomasella's Avatar
    I was there in May, and everyone had one. I thought to myself, I want one. It was just me and my husband and trying to take pictures of the 2 of us is not easy. Thought it was a great idea. I bought one for our trip in December. Oh well. I guess if people can't follow the rules everyone has to suffer.
  4. HelloBowlesHall's Avatar
    I agree there should be some type of insurance. The lack of insurance leads some to sell their bibs (who might not have done anyways) or compete when they should be resting and trying to heal injuries.
  5. GusMan's Avatar
    AVP, thanks for your insight to this. As a novice runner, I am strongly considering a rD event for 2015. However, Im always concerned about the uncertain. rD races are not cheap, and neither is the explicit costs of the trips themselves. I mean, I was strongly contemplating doing a 5k in 2014, but at over $2k for a weekend trip for just my wife and I, including travel, that seemed rather steep. It requires a lot of commitment - and I say that in a good way.

    But when the truly unexpected happens, you hope to not have numerous hits against the wallet. I know that some may say thats the way it is - and it may be. Its just that for novices like me, who have a real desire to get a bit more serious, it would be great to have a bit more incentive.
  6. RunningFool's Avatar
    runDisney could learn a lesson from Bolder Boulder:

    We are thrilled to announce that ALL registrations are now backed by the BOLDER GuaRUNtee! It's a new innovation that flows from our commitment to being the best race on the planet!

    It means that if you register and have to miss this year's event for any reason, you'll be able to roll your registration over to 2015 for only $15. And anyone who missed the 2013 race will be able to roll their registration over to this year's race. We want everyone to experience the BolderBOULDER. It's that simple.
  7. dban3's Avatar
    Very nice. These donuts would sell like hot cakes in the park. The reason we don't see them may be something like donuts are fried instead of baked like most pastries and Disney may not equipped to fry them up in large enough quantities. The other thing might be that freshly made donuts, that aren't loaded with preservatives, have a notoriously short shelf life. Just a couple of guesses.

    If these donuts are popular (and profitable) in the Philippines, could a letter from a Disney lawyer be too far behind?
  8. Willfamm's Avatar
    Does anyone know if they are extending the discount tickets at Disneyland also?
  9. lnsemsf's Avatar
    You do mean 7/20 correct?
  10. Drince88's Avatar
    This is so cool! Thanks to the generous donor!
  11. imagineartony's Avatar
    Speaking of bilingual shows...

    Back in December in San Francisco when Disney hosted the Christmas tree lighting at pier 39, with the fan five doing various songs and dances before the tree was lighted. The biggest cheer for anything was when they began Feliz Navidad.

    Bigger than cheers for Carsland, Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse!
  12. sjhanksaz's Avatar
  13. adriennek's Avatar
    The price has been updated for the 10K: Now it starts at $95.
  14. stan4d_steph's Avatar
    $160 seems really high for a 10K. I wonder if that will drop when the actual registration opens.
  15. cbh's Avatar
    My email reminder for the Wine & Dine registration opening said that registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend would open on 9 APR 13.
  16. olegc's Avatar
    great post and commentary. BTW - for the DisneyParks blog meet we never had any kind of embargo other than no photography and no video or audio taping of any kind. There was nothing in any announcement or agreement to limit what I said or wrote afterwards. So - in a sense - I am sure Disney wants folks to say "how great this is because...." and then have others get more excitied to visit when it opens. Of course, they'd never admit to that publicly, but the WOM process by lesser individuals has always been the carrot for them with new attractions.

    thanks again for the commentary.
  17. MousePaul's Avatar
    so happy to hear this!
  18. dban3's Avatar
    I'm sure there is some truth to Disney continuing on with these "street parties" (that started with the original Glow Fest) in order to keep crowd levels spread out to different areas of both parks at night. But the suspicious side of my wonders that these street parties continue in order that Disney may have another outlet to sell exorbitantly priced spirit based alcoholic beverages where the profit margin is probably in the 1000% range.
  19. RStar's Avatar
    Frankly, I think it's great that they change things up once in a while. I also think that the change to a more basic "Disney" clasic theme like Alice is cool. I love the Tron theme, but it is getting old. And it's also nice to have something draw people to that end of the park. Anything to spread people out is nice.
  20. jpg391's Avatar
    Looks pretty cool. I hope that it is a hit.
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