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Non-Disney Resort travel

Sometimes I go to cities and countries that don't (yet) have Disney theme parks and resorts.

  1. Special delivery Fun Bun heralds the return of the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

    "Where will you be tomorrow between 11 and 2," asked a friend out of the blue yesterday. "Will you be at your store?" (In my copious spare time, I own a little gift shop in Old Towne Orange.) As it happens, I actually was planning to work at the shop Wednesday. "Did you want to meet for lunch lunch?" "Something like that," was the reply. "It's a surprise. You'll see."

    Whatever I was expecting, it was NOT to have the Knott's Berry Farm food truck show up outside my shop, there to deliver ...

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  2. Atlanta Gift Show: Day 4

    Being a Disney freak sometimes makes it hard to be objective about new product.

    In Disney's adaptation of the J.M. Barrie books, Tinker Bell is a Pixie, not a Princess or a Fairy. Nothing in the Peter Pan film suggests that she has a royal lineage or a gaggle of Fairy friends (or a magic wand for that matter...).

    To date, Disney has been pretty consistent in calling her a Pixie, and most Disney merchandise that refers to her in any manner does so as a Pixie. According ...
  3. Atlanta Gift Show: Day 3

    A short update today, because I saw very little (licensed) Disney merchandise. (We won't talk about all the unlicensed stuff I saw...)

    My pedometer says I walked 6.5 miles today. My feet would like to add that this was all on completely unpadded concrete floors.

    Precious Moments is showing only five new pieces, a big drop from last year. On the other hand they never shipped the "Baking with Disney" collection they showed last year, so maybe it's better to have fewer ...
  4. Atlanta Gift Show, Day 2

    I'm too tired to come up with a more compelling heading for this post. My pedometer says I walked just under 5 miles today, but my feet demand a recount. On the plus side, my return trip took less than 45 minutes today AND I made it back to the hotel before the storm began.

    My day ended with my first vendor appointment of the Mart, and I'll work backwards to satisfy the curiousity of those (both of you) who have been waiting for an update since last night.

    As I suspected, ...
  5. Shopping the Marts: a non-Disney resort trip report

    The next several days' entries will detail my trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart, the largest show of its kind in the US. (Probably the largest in the world, but I haven't done the research to support that claim.)

    This trip is all about Disney and non-Disney merchandise and NOTHING to do at all with Disney theme parks, so you can stop reading right now if you really don't care what new Disney sculptures will show up at your local collectibles store next year.

    Still here? ...