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  1. runDisney races are now BOYM - Bring your own Mylar

    runDisney has implemented a new policy at their races - mylar blankets (the ones given post-race to prevent loss of body temp) will no longer be provided to race participants with two exceptions. One - if you buy a massage, you get a blanket. Two - if you are injured during the race you may get a blanket (not guaranteed). Wow... how cheap can you get?

    This was especially interesting after the WDW Marathon where it was cool and rainy which sent race finishers on a hunt for a mylar. ...
  2. Posting race bibs on social media

    As we enjoy the WDW Marathon weekend and look forward to all the upcoming races in 2015, keep in mind that posting a picture of your race bib (with name and number legible) on social media sites prior to the race is an open invitation for a race bandit to print out the bib and run for free under your name. Yup. For free. And you paid how much to run that race?

    As we have seen in recent media stories, this type of activity is becoming more common with the advent of more sophisticated ...