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Movie Musings

Beyond the formal reviews of Disney and other family movies I do for MousePlanet under the Screen Reviews column I see a lot of movies. I'll use this blog to share comments on anything movie related that is crossing my mind.

That might include real reviews for movies not otherwise relevant to MousePlanet, general news or just quick thoughts on the headlines.

  1. A Leatherheads Fumble?

    Nothing like a football movie to make newspaper headline writers happy. No matter what happens, when they do the post-weekend box office story, they'll have plenty of puns available with "fumble" or "touchdown" just being the lowest hanging of the fruit.

    And fumble is definitely the winner this weekend. But I have to wonder why that is. Can anybody really be very surprised? I love watching George Clooney on screen, he has outgrown some of his annoying quirks (early on in his movie career ...
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  2. Away from Her

    I did squeeze in some time to watch Away from Her so I've now seen all of the best actress nominations.

    For those who don't know (and since this is one of those mostly unseen nominated films that would be pretty much everybody), Away from Her is the story of Grant dealing with having to put Fiona, his wife of 44 years into a home as she slides into oblivion due to Alzheimer's. And what he's willing to sacrifice to have her as happy as possible and also atone for some of his own past ...
  3. Oscar picks

    This isn't an attempt to pick who I think will win, just my thoughts on who I would pick for the major categories. For each category, the titles in bold are ones I've seen.

    Best Picture
    , Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood

    This one is a complete no brainer for me: No Country for Old Men all the way. A lot of people have complained about the ending and how a couple key events were handled but they seemed perfect to me. Juno ...

    Updated 02-24-2008 at 09:04 AM by Alex S.

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