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Travel dates: April 12-16, 2008
Travel method: AirTran Airlines, Wichita to Atlanta to Orlando, $89.00 fares each way! We used Mears Transportation for our shuttle to and from the airport -- costing us about $60 round trip.
Resort: Offsite, Comfort Inn -- Lake Buena Vista
Accommodations: We chose the Comfort Inn because of a few reasons: 1)Free breakfast 2) Free shuttles to the parks multiple times per day, and 3)$55 rate per night on Expedia... we tried to do the entire 5 day trip for less than $1500!!
Ages Represented in Group: Me - 29, DH - 30, DS - 3
Disney Resort Experience Represented in Group: My DS and I went to DLR in October '07, I had been to DLR multiple times as a child, never been to WDW before
Cast of characters: Me, DH - Jerry, DS - Grayson

Saturday, April 12, 2008 Travel and Check-In
We left Wichita at around noon Saturday, thrilled to finally be heading to Orlando. It was 40 degrees out and we were freezing!! Both of our flights were on time and we landed in Orlando around 5:30pm. We had already printed out our Mears boarding passes for the shuttle, and after retrieving our luggage, we waited about 5-10 minutes for our van. We were at the Comfort Inn before 7pm. We checked into our room, and headed out to purchase tickets and find some dinner. My son later swam a bit at the pool (I'm hoping it will wear him out enough for a good night's sleep)!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008 Magic Kingdom
The first shuttle from our hotel left at 7:50am, so we set our alarm, and were up bright and early. We were dressed and ready to go, and we grabbed a quick bite from the free continental breakfast offered by the hotel. Nothing to write home about, but hey, it was free. I had already packed bottled water and a big bag of snacks for us. We arrived at the MK at 8:15am, and took the Monorail to the entrance. We were so excited!! As soon as the park opened, we headed straight for Dumbo!! We rode Dumbo, the Carousel, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, the Tea Cups, and drove the Indy Race cars ALL before 10:15!! I couldn't believe it!! We also got FPs for Mickey's Philharmagic for later. We headed over to Toontown and rode Goofy's Barnstormer and took pictures with Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck. My son wanted to check out Goofy's Boat and the other little play areas there, and we were happy for a break. We couldn't believe how quickly we were able to ride everything!! We decided to head over towards the Jungle Cruise (a favorite of my son's from DLR), but the line was a little long. I grabbed FPs and my son and husband rode the Magic Carpets. We also got pictures with Rafiki and Timon -- I just love Rafiki!! =) By this time it was looking like it was going to rain, and we were all hungry. We went back to Main Street and got hot dogs, fries, and drinks, and down came the rain!

We decided that this was a great time to sprint back to Fantasyland to use our FP's for Mickey's Philharmagic. What a great show!! By the time it was over, the rain had stopped! Yea!! We went back and rode the Jungle Cruise and then met up with some other friends from Wichita to watch the 3pm parade (yes, some of it in the rain)!! We were so glad that we had brought our ponchos!

After the parade, our son was still asleep in his stroller, so we decided to head over to Space Mountain, so my husband could ride it. We got there and the CMs told us that it was closed due to the weather. I was dying for a pretzel, so we decided to rest our legs in Tomorrowland. I found a pretzel and Jerry had a turkey leg.

Our son woke up (yea for him sleeping for 1 1.2 hours!!) and we got FPs for Buzz, rode Astro Orbiters, then Tomorrowland Transit Authority, then as we were getting off, we saw Buzz Lightyear. We went to get pictures with him, and then we were able to ride Buzz. My husband is a pheasant hunter, and he loved this ride. =) We decided we wanted to eat dinner early, in hopes of avoiding the crowds, so we stopped at the Harbour House for salads for the two of us, and mac & cheese for our son. We also watched the Enchanted Tiki Room and rode the Magic Carpets one more time. We then rode Pooh and the Carousel again, and then went back to Toontown to check out the line to meet Mickey. Too long. We decided to ride Goofy's Barnstormer again, and then find our seats for the Spectromagic parade. We had wonderful seats, enjoyed the parade, and left to catch the 9:40pm shuttle back to our hotel.

I could not believe how much we packed in to one day. It was the perfect Disney day!! We were tired, but happy!!

Monday, April 14, 2008 Brunch at Chef Mickey's and DTD
This is when the trip starts to get a little un-Disney. =( I woke up Monday morning puking my guts out. I had no idea if it was food poisoning, or some random germs from the plane or MK, but I felt horrible. I was so upset that I was sick while we were at WDW. We had ADRs at Chef Mickey's for 10:35am, and since I had absolutely nothing left in my stomach, I decided to go and just take pictures. The absolute thought of food, much less a huge buffet, was nauseating. =(

Chef Mickey's was wonderful! My son got to meet and greet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy. They were all so sweet to him, and we got wonderful pictures. My husband said the food was great! We loved watching the monorail zip through the hotel, too.

Afterward, we decided to head over to DTD. We waited for a Disney bus to DTD at the Contemporary bus stop for over 30 minutes, and never saw one. So, we got on the monorail and went to the Polynesian. We caught a bus there, and our bus driver was obnoxious. There were only the 3 of us on the bus, and he decided to sing "Zippidee Doo Dah" very slowly and off-key into the bus microphone as he drove us to DTD. I felt horrible before hearing him sing, and this made it worse. Ugh.

My husband and son walked around DTD and my son loved the fountains. I pretty much just laid on a bench and prayed that I would feel better. We headed back to the hotel, and on bus on the way back, my husband started getting chills and feeling nauseous. Oh brother -- could this day get any worse?

To spare you from the rest of the details, he ended up getting sick, too. Sad. =(

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Magic Kingdom if our stomachs would allow it...

Well, Tuesday morning dawned, and we decided that we had to go back to the MK. I was feeling tons better, and Jerry felt like he was over the hump. Thankfully our son was still healthy, so we got back on the shuttle at 7:50am and headed to the MK. It was sunny, but cold. It cracked us up to see CMs wearing fuzzy headbands around their ears (the kind we wear when we snowski!) on a day when the highs were in the low 60s. We were in sweatshirts and shorts!! =)

We rode everything in Fantasyland, except Snow White and the Tea Cups and watching Mickey's Philharmagic, and then headed to Toontown to get pics with Mickey before it got too crowded. Pooh and Tigger were out posing for pics, so we stopped. The wait to see Mickey ended up being about 45 minutes, but we got to see both he and Minnie. Awww. We then rode the Indy racecars again, per request of my son. I was starving for a salted pretzel with cheese, and Jerry was tired, so he sat down and I went in search of my pretzel. The only place I could find a salted one was across from the Pooh ride. The pretzel I'd had on Sunday had cream cheese in it... not my favorite. This one was perfect -- except it wasn't in the shape of Mickey. (They are shaped like Mickey at DLR.)

We headed over the ride the Jungle Cruise -- lines were too long -- so we got FPs. (We were surprised that a Tuesday would be busier than a Sunday...) We climbed the Swiss Family Tree House, watched the Country Bear Jamboree, and then watched the 3pm parade. We did a little shopping, and then rode the Jungle Cruise for our final ride of the day. We were all tired and ready for a break from the crowds. I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic from all the people, and we never felt that way on Sunday!! (Maybe the rain helped clear out the park??)

We met our friends from Wichita for a quick dinner at the McDonalds at DTD and did a little shopping and walking around. Our son loved the Lego exhibit and I bought the Disney version of Candy Land as a souvenir. We headed back to our hotel, via taxi, and started to get packed for our flight home.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 More stomach troubles and the flights home
I woke up Wednesday morning with my 3 year old throwing up in bed. Oh goodness... what were we in for?? We had a taxi ride to the airport, and then two flights ahead of us to get us home.

We made it home, finally, and we are all well. We've decided that we must have gotten some sort of bug on the plane (not food poisoning) since we all three got sick. What a bummer. We were so frustrated that we had to get sick during our much-anticipated Disney vacation.

But, we were thankful for two fun-filled days at the Magic Kingdom. Our three year old had a BLAST!! He was at a great age... the only thing he couldn't ride that he wanted to was Splash Mountain. We had no melt-downs, and he took great naps in his stroller. He loved all the characters and remembered so much from our trip in October.

We can't wait to go back!!!! =)

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I started researching hotels just over the internet, and then started watching prices. I also used the Orlando "Magicard" -- which is mentioned in the Unofficial Guide, which helped lower our room rate at the Comfort Inn to $55/night. It's definitely "no-frills" -- but we were at WDW most of the time (except when we were sick).

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I can really feel your pain about being sick while at WDW. When we were there Dec 18 - 23 my dd had the flu and 2 days into our trip, I got it too. By the 3rd night I was running a fever of 103! I was not going to let it ruin my fun, I just took Advil and had a good time in spite of it. But all in all, I would rather not do it again during flu season

04-19-2008, 08:08 PM
I am so sorry to hear that you got sick your first trip to WDW. Sounds like when you weren't sick you had a good time!

Rock Chalk!


BTW, one of my very good friend's son is named Grayson. He is about to turn 7 at the end of May. He holds a special place in my heart because when I held him when he was a few weeks old is when I decided I needed "one of these!" And my daughter came 9 months later!

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Hey KSJayhawk, I'm from DooDah too! You're the 1st person I've seen registered from here, glad to hear from you. Sounds like you had a great trip despite being sick. I'll be there soon!

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Oh, man, so sorry you were sick. Glad it was all ok in the end, but whatta way to go! I got food poisoning my last full day on the last trip and I thought I would die. I wasn't sure I could fly. But alas, all was well (after about 36 hours).

Sounds like you were able to still do and see a lot. I admire your ability to keep on goin'!

04-22-2008, 07:05 AM
I am so sorry you were sick but it did sound like you had a good time in spite of it. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a trip report.

We are almost neighbors as I am in Nebraska. I don't know of anyone from Nebraska on here or any other site so I was gald to see you here.

Thanks again,

04-22-2008, 12:04 PM
So sorry to hear about you all getting sick on your trip! I know how horrible that is. I got a pretty severe case of Bronchitus a few years ago on a trip to WDW with friends. But like you I just pushed on through. For us Disney nuts nothing can ruin the trip!

04-23-2008, 11:11 AM
Thanks to everyone for all of your well-wishes. It was a bummer to be sick, but we definitely tried to make the best of it. I just finished my Disney PhotoPass memory book... we sure didn't have a shortage of pictures from our trip! =)