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04-15-2008, 07:57 AM
Monday April 6th 2008

Cast of Characters-DH-39 (B-day at the World) Me-40 dd-12 and ds 21 months.

Transportation-Rental Toyota Siena from Hertz-Drove to the World from NY.17 hrs.

Planning was pretty easy as we were given a free night at the Beach for a letter I wrote regarding the cleanliness on our last trip there.I followed up with 40 percent off room rate code and a nice lady Kathy booked us through special ressie.Adrs were limited because my ds likes to sit still for a brief second lol...

Day 1-
April 6 Monday-Check in and were surprided to find we were bumped up to concierge level with a view of crescent lake.Downside to this was they did not give us enough room and dh had to sleep on a rollaway bed.(I did call 2 times prior to assure we had the right amount of beds) it was a toss up-rollaway um free breakfast and snacks each day..lol he had NO problem with the rollaway.DD loved the fact you needed the key card to get to the 5th floor so it was fun to see her feel special.(the hotel was booked by the way that is why we stayed in the room.They did try to find us a bigger one).
Next we were off to Epcot for lunch and since ds fell asleep we ended up eating Counter Service in Mexico..YUMMY dd and myself had the nachos while dh had the chicken tacos.All good! Next we attempted fast pass for test track but they were all gone for the day and it was only 1230! We went on Spaceship earth which was great after the updates.We actually waited 30 monutes to ride.The crowd level was high and we were a bit worried..:( Next was Nemo a quick 10 minute..ds did not care for the bubbles and I was bit dizzy myself.Otherwise a cute ride.We decided to head over to MK and hopped on a bus and headed over.It was packed...Haunted Mansion was a 50 minute :eek:Pirates 40..we ended up Waiting 30 minutes for small world and headed to Tommorowland to ride Transit Authority which also had a 15 minute wait.We took some night pics and headed back to the hotel..ds was a bit cranky.The bus situation was not thrilling dh..long waits and long lines.

04-17-2008, 06:50 AM
Day 1-
April 6 Monday-Check in and were surprided to find we were bumped up to concierge level with a view of crescent lake.....

oh I also forgot..I tried Tommorrowlands Noodle Station-chicken soup bowl..to me yuk..dd LOVED IT!

04-17-2008, 07:07 AM
We woke up early for our 8am ADR at Cape May.DD was the most excited as she is a Goofy fan all the way! She dressed in her Goofy hat and Sweathirt and carried her Goofy pen in hopes of attracting his attention...We arrived promptly at 8am and were seated right away.The character interaction was terrific! DS had kisses from Minnie and Chip n Dale and Goofy sat down with us for a good 10 monutes and drew pics for my daughter and took many pictures..She was so excited the whole trip because of the attention!The buffet was good as usual..never had a bad experience yet.We stuffed ourselves and headed to Hollywood Studios.We went straight to buy me a sweatshirt (I forgot one of the many I brought lol..dh not thrilled) ended up buying a Skateboard name because I have most of the others they sell..what can I say I love Dis! We then walked right on The Great Movie Ride (a favorite of the family) and headed to Playhouse Disney which was awesome! DS almost lasted until the end..he loves to touch people and run around so we had to leave 5 minutes early.It worked out beacause Darby and Manny and The Little Einsteins were right outside for pics!After the pics it was inevitable ds needed to nap..we strolled around and saw the Power Rangers and had a snack and took some pics and then rode Backlot.Have not been on in a while and enjoyed it very much.DS was excited to hear the cars racing around warming up for the stunt show.We were determined to see the show after seeing how excited he got.They sure pack the crowd in for that one!That show was cool! Next it was break time back at the bc..ds napped a while and we walked to Epcot at about 5 to attempt another fastpass at Test Track..no deal..100 minute wait for standby :eek:off to America for dinner..had counter again..just wanted a good old burger and fries.The concert was going on (Hermens Hermits I think) we could hear the music in the background while we ate..not my kinda sound but it was fine.After dinner we decided to go for dessert on the Boardwalk..(I believe the Ranger game was on and dh may have wanted to pass by ESPN) ANYWAY....To the bakery for them and I had a softserve ice cream from Seashore Sweets..it was good.They indulged in cannolis that they claim are the best..I headed back with ds to relax while dd and dh hung out anmd played games etc and watched illuminations from the Boardwalk..they love the time together at WDW...ps-the drivers in the stunt show took time to wave and peek a boo with ds...very nice of them!

04-17-2008, 08:04 AM
We woke up early for our 8am ADR at Cape May.DD was the most excited as she is a Goofy fan all the way! She dressed in her Goofy hat and Sweathirt and carried her Goofy pen in hopes of attracting his attention......
I always forget sooo much when writing these reports as ds is keeping me busy..The Mexico ride was also enjoyed this day!

04-17-2008, 02:53 PM
Keep up the story, sounds like you had a lot of fun.

04-18-2008, 01:20 PM
:fez: goooooooooooooo devils.

04-19-2008, 09:50 AM
Animal Kingdom!

Took advantage of the concierge breakfast and slept a little late this day..Like 8'oclock..which is late for me.Took the bus over and arrived with the 10 million other guests visiting AK that day.Wow what a crowd!This was the day DH almost lost it! For some reason people just choose to stop walking on the pathways and start talking about dinner..mostly when my dh was pushing a stroller behind them:eek:It was about 90 degrees on this fine day and still managed my favorite park somehow.We jetted over to Dinosaur and dd and myself were right on and dh and her ran on right after..awesome! I then rode primeveil whirl with dd and as usual loved it! Dh opted out:rolleyes:...then we headed over to attempt a fp for EE and actually got one for 4pm! We headed through the trek next to see the bats and such..ds was not behaving so we tried to let him run around a bit and it was so crowded it was not working out...we then ate at Flame Tree..DD had the ribs,ds a hot dog and grapes and dh a half chicken and I had old faithful..pulled pork YUMMY! we lucked out with a table overlooking the water and EE.A boat came passed with the characters(new for me!) which made lunch that much better!After the meal it was off to see the gorillas! ds fell asleep and it worked out well.We sat for a while waiting for them because they were spooked earlier in the day by a crowd of people that started waving and yelling.After about a half hour rest they started to come out and dh got some good footage of them.;)We tried for kilamangaro safari but no luck this day the wait was over an hour.We went to Rafikis planet watch in hopes of there being some kind of vet experience for dd but it was too late in the day already.She was not happy that it took us so long to get there.Ds enjoyed the train too much and did not want to leave it...We went to Camp Minnie Mickey and ds was not in the mood to wait for anyone so we strolled back to EE as it was nearing FP time and I pushed dh in to going on this time and I headed to the exit for it started raining a bit.Bythe time ds and I were by outfitters the sun was out and we were able to catch the parade! I then met dd and dh at the exit and he did not enjoy ee too much.He said he thought he was going to pass out!He survived and off we were to freshen up..We then took a ride to POR....we were shocked at how nice this place was! We love it and will return in December hopefully.While we were there our stroller cracked in half probably from being dropped as we got off the bus that day.A nice cm told us to go to Walmart which was very close by(not that close) after finally getting there and walking in this store....my mouth dropped.It was the biggest store I have ever seen in my life! geez..I finally found a doable stroller after about a 10 minute walk to infants lol.DH was like what the heck took so long???I kept quiet..lol We ended up back pretty late and did not eat dinner yet..noone was too happy and all were hungry.We ended up getting pizza on the Boardwalk which was really good..dd loved it! I think it was 1130 when we finally got to our room...whew..

04-20-2008, 06:35 PM
Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. Sounds like the lines were awful! How horrible.....

Hope the pace slowed down so that you were able to not burn up or burn out. Looking forward to your many, many adventures yet to be told!

04-21-2008, 06:19 AM
Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. Sounds like the lines were awful! How horrible.....

Hope the pace slowed down so that you were able to not burn up or burn out. Looking forward to your many, many adventures yet to be told!

its sooo funny that after I write these I remember all the stuff I forgot to write! I have to take notes lololol....:D

04-21-2008, 06:41 AM
We had our usual breakfast from concierge and ate in room (sooo convenient with ds).We hit the bus for MK and waited no longer than 5 minutes.We arrived MK about 930-10 and went for fp's for Space Mountain and got them for 1130! YEAH! We rode Buzz Lightyear and my son LOVED IT! We had to buy the photo it was priceless..we made sure to get fp for later because he loved it so much! Great memory right there! DS has a love for cars so we walked over to Indy and to our surprise he was able to ride with dh.I thought you had to be a certain height to ride but its only to drive the car you must reach 42 inches I think.So that was another plus and I let dd drive me :eek:oh the thought of her ever driving! DH and Ds had a blast and we were off to let them ride Space Mountain..I grabbed a turkey leg and shared with ds who loved it as well...after their awesome ride we walked toward Woodys Roundup (one of my favorites!)I sing it at home alot and drive the family crazy lol.We actually caught it in time and I got my pics,then we rode HM awesome and had lunch at Peco Bills YUMMY!!!DS napped through lunch:)
We managed to ride Pooh this day and have a citris swirl.I forgot to mention our dole whip was on the first day there..We also rode Adventureland boat ride and caught the parade...We missed out on..Country Bear,Peter Pan,Splash Mountain,Hall of Presidents...something to look forward to next time....now...Ill have to figure out what we did that night....:D

04-28-2008, 09:31 AM
Day 4 Eve
We decided to give Cape May a shot.We did a walk up at 530 and we were seated in 5 minutes! This was great news.I had way too many peel and eat shrimp....way too many lol.We stuffed ourselves silly and enjoyed the meal very much.They had the usual steamed clams and mussels and beef stew,chicked,salad bar,ribs..a whole feast.We gave the meal a 8.5! We then took a slow walk over to Epcot to burn some calories...We did some shopping and took photos and ended the evening watching the fireworks in Italy.Afterwards we walked over to the shops on the Boardwalk and I bought a nice photo frame and some goofy stuff for dd.I headed back and dh and dd hung out for a while at the arcade....zzzz

04-28-2008, 09:43 AM
Another beautiful day at WDW...breakfast today was down at the marketplace so dh could relax a bit getting ready.Ds screamed the whole way down the elevator:(He finally stopped at the marketplace when I bribed him with character toys.We ate outside just bagels and muffins and off we went for ride to Celebration.We walked around the town and shopped and had ice cream.Very nice there..prices seem lower this year.We then came back after ds napped and hit the quiet pool.It was supposed to be closed for refurb but surprisingly was open:D.We relaxed for a while and snacked at the pool and decided to head out around 530.We went straight to Germany to see if we could get in and again..5 minutes we were seated! We thouroughly enjoyed dinner here! DS had a ball dancing and singing.The food was great 8.5 and how good was the cheescake! Afterwards we hit some shops and failed at test track again..we had given up at this point.Fireworks and off to bed.This was a uneventful day....good but uneventful.I decided to stop by the front desk to see about my ressie.What happened was I was given a complimentary night and it was booked as a seperate ressie for some reason.So at 11pm I am finding out we may have to pack up and move to a suite at the Yacht.THis sounds lovely and all but not for our last day which happens to be DH's Birthday.....

04-28-2008, 09:54 AM
Our final day and DH's 39th b-day.I am at the concierge desk 8am.Hoping we will not have to move.They tell me we will only switch rooms at the BC to the third floor.I tell them I called and was assured several times we would not have this issue.And I get we are sorry we overbooked...blah blah..I get to the room and dh is not happy and now we have to pack up and wait for luggage to be moved blah blah...then the phone rings and its the manager saying we are staying in the room! Thank you! Dh has already beed through enough and contemplates leaving.I am like no way..b-day the world! We eat concierge breakfast and go to AK.We went to AK along with everyone else who happened to be at Disney this week:(We manage to hit Primevil Whirl,see the gorillas out which is dh's favorite thing and go on Kilimangaro Safari YEAH! I was excited because I passed last year when ds was still a baby.We wandered and shopped and I was able to get a nice shirt for myself and ds.We headed out to go to Germany for dinner again and pack up some stuff...We hit Epcot by 5 and ate in Germany...another great meal and good time! We tried to go on the LAND but they closed for the night??? I still have never rode this attraction! I said lets ride the monorail to the resorts for fun and see how we like it.It was a long trip and a nice ride but don't know if its my preferred way tp travel to the parks.We walked around the Poly and enjoyed our ride.We got to Epcot at 830 and shopped in Mousegear for a while..dd got a Hannah Montana blanket and towel.Wthen walked back through the crowd to the BC and sadly called it a night.

Sorry so brief on the report...I am on a time limit with ds! Until next time....

05-02-2008, 05:20 AM
That's OK, K. It's nice to have ANY trip report--even if they are short!

Glad you didn't have to move. That would've been a bummer.

05-02-2008, 05:57 AM
Thanks for the great trip report. I LOVE 'em long and wordy and short and sweet. They are all a work of love.

Thanks again,

Big V
05-08-2008, 07:19 AM
Great report! Thanks! :)