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11-25-2007, 07:11 PM
Three questions prompted by our visit on Friday:

1) I finally had a chance to see Jedi Training Academy. I didn't get the cool Jedi Master that some people drool over, but I got an asian guy with a funky British accent instead. It took awhile to get used to the accent, but he turned out to be a lot of fun. He had some great lines both for the kids during the training session and during their battle with Vader. He had some good retorts to Vader as well, but not sure if any of those are scripted since Vader's lines are from a pre-determined selection. We sat at a front table in the back section, so I could see the stage ok, but it was hard to see the younger kids, and I could barely see Darth Maul and really none of the kids fighting him. If you're just a spectator, where's the best place to sit? Or are you pretty much out of luck unless you have a youngling trying to get selected? I just loved seeing the kids with Vader and Maul. The looks on their faces was like seeing young kids with Disney characters. Sheer wonder.

2) I remember that Small World has a lighting around the time it gets dark, kind of like the Main Street tree lighting. However, we were in that area around 10:20pm and noticed that some kind of light show was going on. I've only seen the regular lighting show once, so I'm not positive it's the same thing. Anyone know, and if so, is there a schedule for that? I didn't notice a schedule for the Small World lighting, the tree lighting or the Christmas roundup tree lighting (presuming they're doing a tree lighting again this year).

3) We were in a Main Street shop sometime in the afternoon - maybe 5pm or so, and we noticed that something was going on outside. Apparently, it was something having to do with the castle changing lighting. I noticed some kind of music/singing and snow was falling. Again, how often does this happen and what time? No schedule for this either that I've seen.


11-25-2007, 09:33 PM
I can help with the Jedi traing questions. Two of our kids were in the 3:30 show last Monday (we had the "cool" Jedi Master!). My husband an I sat in one of the front tables at the Tomorrowland Terrance and had a perfect view. DD7 fought Darth Vader and DS6 (his birthday was Tuesday) fought Darth Maul and we could see both with ease. We got the table shortly after the previous show ended.

BTW anyone with kids wishing to do the show, my advice, BRING A SIGN!!! We just had a regular paper (actually the back side of the coloring page they got in the Reindeer Roundup area) that said "I want to be a Jedi" and both kids got picked, DS right away then his sister took the sign and got picked towards the end. It seemed every child with a sign did get picked to do the show.

11-26-2007, 06:16 AM
Check today's update - they list the actual times for the special Christmas lighting things that are NOT listed in the daily guide.

The Small World lighting effect that you saw is the special Holiday Projection show that they do every 15 minutes (right after the clock goes off) on the facade of Small World.

They do NOT do it just prior to parade time or fireworks – (they may also miss the one right AFTER the parade or fireworks…)

11-26-2007, 02:45 PM
There are three special lightings of the castle. The first occurs at 5:30 PM, the second I forget, but I think it's around 7:30. The final castle lighting is actually the finale of the fireworks which begin at 9:20. Times may vary on days when the park closes early, so ask a CM or as CharPaul suggests, check the daily guide. The CMs didn't seem to know about the castle lighting earlier this month, but I think they are getting the info out finally.

The lighting of Small World happens at 5:45 with a special "Toy Soldier" projection show. The show repeats every 15 minutes, right after the clock chimes.

11-27-2007, 08:08 PM
The lighting of Small World happens at 5:45 with a special "Toy Soldier" projection show. The show repeats every 15 minutes, right after the clock chimes.

Actually IASWH is first lit at 4:47, just before the 5:00 clock show. A voice comes on the speakers that counts to 3, then they light up the facade and the surrounding area to the famous song. The first light show is after the 5:15 clock show. The lights turn off and the projections go for about a minute to Nutcracker songs, ending with the dramatic relighting of the facade and surrounding area.

Nights there are fireworks, it will snow on MS, the Hub, NOS, and IASW at 5:30, 7:30 and about 9:35 (just after the fireworks). I haven't seen the castle lighting ceremonies (yet), but that's the information we've been given. The Christmas tree lighting on MS is at 5:00 (after the flag retreat), but I'm not sure about the one at the Reindeer Roundup.