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10-01-2007, 06:58 AM
I have a question for DVC members with Boardwalk as their home property. Have you had trouble with getting the rooms locations you have requested? I have made three trips since Dec. 06 to Boardwalk. In December I got a Boardwalk view but was assigned a room quite a distance from the elevator. (over the Brewery restaurant). I made these reservations a year ahead. In May I requested a two bedroom with BW view. I could only get 1BR with preferred view. I was on wait list for my request. Never happened. When we arrived we were assigned a room by the quiet pool on the 1st floor. My view was shrubbery taller than my head that formed a fence. You couldn't get to the pool from the room unless you had hedge clippers. The Swan and Dolphin hotel were closer to our room than the lobby.When I returned home and spoke to reservations about this and requested better locations for my September trip. Boy did I waste my time. I just returned Friday from DW (Sept. 28th). I made room reservations months ahead for a Boardwalk view 2BR. I was put on wait list for this. Again, didn't happen. When we arrived we were assigned a room in the last wing even closer to the Swan and Dophin than last time. This time my 3rd floor view was trees. I could only see my view from the boat going to MGM. What aggravated me about this is I used extra points for preferred views to see shrubbery and trees. I spoke to people who were not DVC members and were assigned rooms overlooking the pool and better locations. Shouldn't DVC members at their home property be treated a little better than this? This especially aggravated my after reading the article in the latest DVC magazine about the woman who assigns rooms for BW and how she gets to know the people who stay often and how she even noticed a yearly visitor had booked the wrong school dates and called them to fix it. Bull! I needed to vent and see if anyone else has had this problem and any suggestions. My husband is ready to sell our membership due to such lousy service and help. I feel like the stepchild every time I check in. I feel like there is a star by my name stating to give me the worst location in the park.:(

10-02-2007, 01:21 PM
Here is my opinion regarding "requests". I have read where Disney looks at and considers certain requests about 1 month before the scheduled arrival date. I don't believe they even look at them at all until you check in. There has been numerous times I have checked in and asked the front desk cast member if my requests had been honored. None of them have ever known in advance what my requests were. They always start punching keys on the computer keypad to see what I had requested. If I'm checking-in early in the morning, they usually can change my room assignment to honor my request. If it's later in the afternoon when I check in, I never get what I asked for. In a nutshell, I suggest checking in as early as possible and you will probably get what you want. Be sure to ask the front desk cast member about your requests when checking in because they probably don't have a clue what you requested. I have found this request system to be flawed with regular room reservations and DVC so I wouldn't hold it against DVC only. In other words, if you sold your DVC, you would probably still encounter the same problem even when paying for a room. We are visiting Old Key West October 9-14 and our flight doesn't arrive in Orlando until 10:00pm. Due to a joint problem in my knees, I have requested a building with an elevator or a ground floor room. I expect they will have me assigned to a 3rd floor room!

10-03-2007, 05:23 AM
Unless for some reason DVC resorts operate differently than other resorts when it comes to room planning, and I dont think they do, The room requests are not looked at until a few days before arrival. (Im sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.) Some have said 4 to 6 days... some 2 or 3 days. But in short, they do look at the requests listed on the reservation and then see what they can do about honoring those requests.

Some say that you should call or fax the hotel a day before arrival. When I did this for my last trip this past August, I was told that the "proper procedure" was to have the requests in the ressie.

Requests related to medical conditions are put on a higher priority than others.

But it is always good to remember that requests are never guaranteed. You can try to ask and make requests when you check in, but again - nothing is ever guaranteed.

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