View Full Version : Wanted! Toontown Morning Madness Tickets

09-17-2007, 11:55 AM
We originally were planning a 4 day trip, purchasing the AAA package and enjoying all the little extras. Circumstances now have us only being able to go for 2 days, which is still a whole lot better than not getting to go!
The vouchers for the Toontown Morning Madness were the part we were looking most forward to as my children, especially DD, adores Chip and Dale and we would love the opportunity to see them in a less crowded atmosphere! I am aware that they are at Storytellers, just don't think we will take time out of our 2 days to do a sit down breakfast, plus seeing the characters inside the park just feels so much more magical to me. If by chance anyone has these vouchers leftover, or has access to any, we would be so thrilled to use them, I could pay you a little something for them, just can't afford the crazy ebay prices! We have 3 kids plus husband and I, so 5 of us total, could split up and use less vouchers if any at all are available. I'm sure getting vouchers is a long shot but I thought I'd give it a try, we won't get our hopes up! Thanks