View Full Version : One day by myself -- what to do?

09-06-2007, 04:59 AM
My family and I are heading down to WDW this month, but we arrive at different times. I get there at 11 am and the rest of my crew, not until 10 pm. I won't have a rental car, and wasn't planning on hitting the parks. What do you suggest for a lone traveler? Downtown Disney? DisneyQuest? Maybe a water park? Just hotel-hop (not easy without a car)? What do you all suggest?


09-06-2007, 05:37 AM
Hmmm, if I had an afternoon to myself, I'd probably do one of these:

1. take a bus to Animal Kingdom and then a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. Spend the afternoon wandering the resort and checking out the animals on the savannahs. The CMs are wonderfully informative and they'll talk to you about the animals or their own countries all afternoon. Have dinner at Boma, the buffet at the lodge. It's amazing.

2. Take a bus to Magic Kingdom and then a boat to the Wilderness Lodge. Check out the lodge, then take the nature trail over to Fort Wilderness. Visit the ranch, and take a horseback trail ride. Or go back over to Leaning Branches Spa at WL and get a massage. Or sit on the beach. There's lots of different activities at both Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. Have dinner at Artist Point at WL.

3. Head over to Downtown Disney and shop till you drop. The sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich are yummy, and a great value.

What fun! Now I wish I had an afternoon to myself!

09-07-2007, 07:09 AM
Maybe do a spa treatment, even a just a pedicure. I would also consider doing afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. In other words, some quiet time and self-endulgence.

09-07-2007, 07:13 AM
Personally, I'd hit a park. But I have no issues doing a full solo trip, either, but I feel more 'alone' when I'm touring hotels vs being in a park.

If you do want to do a hotel tour - I'd recommend the monorail loop as a start - Poly, Grand Floridian, Contemporary - throw in a boat trip to Wilderness Lodge. And then you can do a Boardwalk loop, too - from whichever MK hotel you end at, take the bus to the Studios, and then either walk or ride the boat to the Boardwalk, and tour that area, as well as the Beach and Yacht Clubs. To get to the monorail loop, just take the bus from your resort to the MK and hop on the resort monorail.

And if you still have time to kill, do AKL too (bus from the Studios or MK is probably the easiest way).

In fact, I'd recommend making an ADR for a 'nice' meal for yourself at one of the hotel restaurants. Figure out where you're not going with everyone else that you'd like to try, and have yourself a nice meal.

You'd might have some time in there to hit DTD, as well - depending on how fast you go through the hotels. I also recommend doing an extensive tour of YOUR hotel, so when everyone else gets in, you can play 'tour guide' when you bring them from the lobby to your room(s).

09-07-2007, 07:14 AM
Maybe do a spa treatment, even a just a pedicure. I would also consider doing afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. In other words, some quiet time and self-endulgence.

Oh, those are great ideas, too!

09-07-2007, 07:21 AM
If I had an afternoon+ to myself, I would spend some time at the pool with a good book. If you have a large crew, you're not going to get a lot of time to relax once they get there. Toss a swimsuit and a pulp novel in your carryon bag and you're all set!

09-30-2007, 01:07 PM
Ooh I'm jealous - lucky you! I'd browse the shops at DDT, eat outside at the Earl Of Sandwich (?name?) and people watch, buy Disney xams stuff at that shop then catch Cirque du Soleil, alone and uninterrupted by children who do not appreciate what they're seeing and make me miss a bit (three times...) to take them to the loo :crying: Don't know if it shows in the afternnon or just the evening though. If this wasn't possible I'd tour the deluxe hotels that I'll never stay in but would love to see taking in a chardonney with ice at each.

Yes ice, that's how I like it ;)