View Full Version : What's going on with Pleasure Island these days?

09-03-2007, 08:26 PM
Hi all,
I'm sure that most of you have 1 or 2 versions of "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". The most current edition (2007) that I bought in May says something like "Pleasure Island will most likely be a thing of the past by the time you read this."
How true is this, and how much fun can a 12 and 14 year old have with Mom and Dad here?

I was disappointed to read that all clubs, except Comedy Club and Adventurer's Club, do not allow guests under 21. Does anyone know why this restriction was imposed? Both my kids would have loved to listen to music at several of these clubs.:(

Thanks for any info you have,

09-04-2007, 03:57 AM
Well, I think this is a good thing. Kids really have no business in these clubs at night. They are full of drinking adults! They can get pretty crowded and there are plenty of adult gyrations going on in a small space.

As for PI closing, it doesn't look like it will anytime soon. They just redid the entrance area, so that it is open to all, and you can walk through it at any time. I was there yesterday. They no longer have the outdoor stage areas, but all the clubs are still there. I personally would not be comfortable bringing children into the dancing clubs, at least not after a certain time.

09-04-2007, 05:08 AM
To go along with what was already said, PI is really intended for the adult crowd who enjoy the night-life sort of speak. It is really not intended for kids. I can only assume that the under 21 crowd is not allowed in to help with things such as preventing underage drinking.

But dont let that dampen your DTD experience. If your teens are more into the interactive scene, maybe DisneyQuest would be more their style? With attractions such as CyberSpaceMountian, Virtual Jungle Cruise, and Virtual PoTC, it may be a fun option.

But like the clubs at PI, there is a separate admission fee for DQ or you can use an entry credit if you have the Water Parks and More option on your park ticket.

09-12-2007, 11:44 AM
So please take this with a grain of salt, everyone is different,so this is just my opinion :)

So as most people know downtown disney is broken into 3 areas: Downtown Disney marketplace (the shops), Pleasure Island (in the middle) and the west side (La Nouba area). I have been going to disney since I was 7 (i'm almost 25 now) about once every 4 years and I know my best gal pal and i were SO excited to go to PI when we turned 21. It wasn't all we dream'd it would be granted, but it was still fun. THere are lots of huts that sell alcohol and its just an environment that i dont blame Disney for not wanting to allow children in (its i think for the "big kids" vacation - the kid free zone). During the day it is open to walk through and some of the shops are even open, so your kids aren't missing much but trust me they really wouldn't like it there at night (or i dont think they would, having been on both sides of over and under age at disney) and i know anyone there wouldn't appreciate kids running around. There is also lots of live music at places like Epcot (who has like the 60's month and such of old bands coming through) that they may just as much enjoy without having to be exposed to the alcohol and cigarettes and whatever that PI involves.

Just my 2 cents.

I understand your frustration (and there's - i always wished i could go when i was little) but they'd just get run over or hurt by the adults having "adult play time". :) With no where to drive people don't have to be as responsible with there drinking habits.

As far as PI going places, last i heard was that they are refurbishing it and some of the clubs are going by by to make way for newer and hipper clubs, but i doubt the entire thing would go away. The money they make on alcohol alone is enough to make it worth keeping open. I beleive they are just trying to re-vamp it for the newer and younger generation(or thats the rumor i heard)

I hope this helps!

09-12-2007, 12:25 PM
that 21 only restriction didn't come into play until jan 1 2007. before that, age restrictions varied between clubs and nights.

the ultimate issue is that PI became a hangout for local kids and unfortunately, the orlando area is becoming more and more of a troubled area, particularly in way of crime.

the first thing they did was halt the nightly new years events. then they demolished the west side stage, then they instituted the age restrictions at the clubs, except for CW and AC. (raglan road also has no such minimums)

I've never been to the CW, but while there's nothing explicit at AC, it's really geared towards a more mature audience. but that said, it's never really anything worse than you might see on Family Guy and it does start out mild and progressively increases as the night goes on.

honestly, the West Side and Marketplace should be open until at least 11 pm each and both offer plenty more for those ages than PI should.

all that.. and they have strayed from the original theming over the years... the backstory about the island was that it was a shipping company owned by Mr. Pleasure (can't recall his first name, but it has nothing to do with Pinocchio).. freak storms destroyed the island and the business and it wasn't until it was rediscovered that the warehouses were turned into clubs.

i think the last thing they did to familytize it was to remove the jessica rabbit sign. there was talk of adding more dining and shopping locations to it.