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Disney Nick
07-03-2002, 09:39 AM
I go to the great people at the Pad for some last day advice. I leave tomorrow morning for Disneyland (don't ask me why my dad picked July 4th weekend) and my dad is hellbent on seeing the fireworks on July 4th. Now I'm pretty sure there are better places to see the fireworks than the hub (which I'm not very fond of), so where are they? What is your favorite place/recommendation of where to see the fireworks without having to wait very long (15 minutes is do-able, but I know there are places where there is very little wait). I seem to remember the 2nd floor of Innoventions and the MS train station being good places to watch the fireworks. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance.

Ghoulish Delight
07-03-2002, 09:46 AM
Fantasyland is a good place. You're really close to the fireworks there (which are launched from right next to Toon Town.

Another good one is NOS in front of Rivers of America. You can either watch Fantasmic and stick around for the fireworks, or you can just show up right after Fantasmic finishes. The place clears out pretty quick and you should have no problem getting a good spot.

07-03-2002, 05:24 PM
River of America is definately a good spot to catch the fireworks, you get a clear view and an exceptional sound system.

Some other places I like:

In the castle courtyard - crowd wise this is a bit hit & miss since they close the castle an hour before the show, allot of people collect there just trying to get through - it can also be stroller intensive. However, you get a great view of the fireworks, especially the castle ones, Nice view of the opening luminous orb/tink/anonymous pixie representation, plus you're right under Tink when she sails over head. THe other downside is the sound is muddier here, and if the crowds are heavy hard to hear the show.

Small World Mall, outside the Toy Shop is great for Main fireworks. You're about as close as you can get and pretty much feel the booms and hear the shells launching. Depending on where you are, you can usually see part of Tink's flight. The castle fireworks though are obscured and for some reason the sounds a weak back here too.

A place we just checked out last night with RalleyMonkey & Family was right outside the Storeybookland exit. You can get a pretty good of the fireworks here, but best of all - by moving a few paces into Fantasyland you can get a good view of the Tink taco. We went here right after Fantasmic, and it was easy to get a good spot. The downside is it's a major corridore, so you get allot of people moving through trying to get on rides while the rest of us are distracted by the Fireworks so the crowd noises may interfere with the Music.