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Pony Sugrue
07-01-2002, 01:07 PM
Here's a question for all of you:

If you were head of IMAGINEERING and you had an incredible budget for ride development, what attraction/attractions would you build?

Would you build something generally-themed... or something based on a specific Disney film?

Would you take something away?

Better yet, would you bring something back (Sky buckets, Submarines, Innerspace)?

Just curious...

07-01-2002, 01:17 PM
I would take the old Sub Lagoon and put in a Little Mermaid ride. You would ride in clear bubbles and you would be able to go through the movie. At times you would surface and see scenes above the water. The scenes would focus more on the musical numbers, so each scene would have music playing. Each bubble would hold six guests. Then I would move the Lagoon into Fantasyland. The monorail would still be Tomorrowland.

Dean Higgins
07-01-2002, 02:09 PM
They really should bring back the skybuckets. That was a great way to get out of being seiged in Tomorowland during parades. The San Diego zoo still has them. Why can't DISNEYLAND? Bringing them back would be a big hit.

As far as any new rides, I can't believe they haven't capitalized on some of their biggest money making properties by making dark rides for LION KING, JUNGLE BOOK, LITTLE MERMAID, or ALLADIN. A suspended magic carpet ride for ALLADIN (like PETER PAN) would rule. You could have the giant Jafar at the end. You could start out by going into that big tiger/panther head. The carpets could hold like six people to make the queue move along nicely.

They can ditch that iNNOVENTIONS thing altogether. Why do you have to wait to get in anyway and what's so special about it spinning all the time. I can't believe they tried to force-fit Carousel's shell into this new sleeper.

07-01-2002, 02:18 PM
Disneyland Boy: Your Little Mermaid idea is great! I hope someone at DL is reading - this would perfect for the lagoon.

07-01-2002, 02:54 PM
Way, way back..... DL had a hovercraft ride. They were personal hovercraft bumper type craft. It ran for a year or so but was so problematic it was discontinued. Everyone loved it but it was down so often, it wasn't worth it. Wouldn't it be great if, with current technology, they could efficiently run it. Better yet, this could be the ride craft for a themed ride.... say... Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. You could pick your own course, adventure and then plan your own escape, demise!

07-01-2002, 03:10 PM
As you might imagine, the first of many attractions I would build if I ruled the Magic Kingdom would be a killer, Super E-Ticket version of Adventure thru Inner Space. It would play like a combo of Fantastic Voyage/Body Wars and the classic InnerSpace ride in that it would be based on the guest performing a nano-tech operation inside the human body, but the shrinkage would get out of control. You'd keep getting smaller and smaller, through the body exploration phase where you would ride the bloodstream thru some cool organs, eventually ending up inside the brain, and then down to the cellular level where you'd penetrate the nucleus of the cell. There you'd spiral through a strand of DNA in a sequence that would rival the famous Horizons DNA chain from Epcot's yesterdayland. Then and only then would guests shrink to the molucular level, exploring the vast realm of inner space and eventually orbiting and penetrating a single atom. For the first time, you'd actually go inside the Nucleus of the Atom and visits some quarks before you dare not explore any further.

In addition to the eye-in-the-microscope that you'd see upon your journey back to normal size, there'd be many other nods to the classic '67 attraction. But mostly it would be done on a level far beyond the "Free-or-C" level of old Inner Space and would be a ride-thru attraction so far beyond any E-ticket that they'd have to go on to other letters of the alphabet. Not one second of it would be film simulation - it would all be physical, 3-D environments and guests would be blown away.

07-01-2002, 03:13 PM
I would fix up the park.To make it similar to Disneyland Paris.

Make Tomorrow Land like Discovery Land with a new Space Mountain track.

knock down the castle and build one with a Dragon.

Fix Toon Town and rename and theme Gadgets Go Coaster.

Make Splash similar to WDW version.

Bring in new things to add to Haunted Mansion,Pirates and Jungle Cruise.

And create new shows like a new version of Fantasmic.

CEO Andrew
07-01-2002, 03:50 PM
Knock down the castle? I thought I'd never hear it!

07-01-2002, 03:52 PM
You'd have to bulldoze over my body- chained together to the bodies of a thousand other fanatics - to knock down the Castle.

07-02-2002, 03:41 AM
hmbldr: The old Flying Saucers was a waste of a valuable "E" ticket - it was the Disney equivalent to those motorized innertube rides you find at those combination miniature golf/theme park establishments ...........

Newer, faster and better dark rides like Indy or Test Track is the way Disney should go - it's their unique claim to fame and what sets them apart from the "thrill parks" like Six Flags or even Knott's/Cedar Point where they don't care so much about the theme as the scream ...............

07-02-2002, 07:29 AM
I am so sad about the submarine lagoon sitting dormant for so long!!
I agree with the mermaid idea whole heartedly. It could be colorful and wonderful. Lets do it!!:)

07-02-2002, 07:42 AM
Originally posted by CEO Andrew
Knock down the castle? I thought I'd never hear it! What you mean you don't like my idea for a better castle.Tough its my idea.Im sure if Walt Disney was alive he would gotten rid the the cheap tacky thing a long time a go.I understand it holds a lot of memories for a lot of people but for the kids growing up what do you think there would perfer.A small walk though castle or a fantastic looking castle with stain glass windows and shops with a cave and a dragon like DLP.

07-02-2002, 07:47 AM
Originally posted by innerSpaceman
You'd have to bulldoze over my body- chained together to the bodies of a thousand other fanatics - to knock down the Castle. Ah but I would just knock it down as a spare of the moment thing.You wouldn't have time to form a group it would be to late.And there would be nothing you your freinds or your little dog could do.Ha Ha Ha.

07-02-2002, 10:47 AM
I would put in a Mary Poppins attraction in Fantasyland where the ride vehicles are carousel horses that start off connected to a carousel then take off into a dark rides building where you see scenes of the movie. Would be kind of like the old Journey Into Imagination idea where you go around a huge loop getting an introduction to the ride and then the ride begins at the end of the loop.

07-02-2002, 10:58 AM
Some sort of Coaster/Dark ride themed around the door sequence of Monsters, Inc.

Pony Sugrue
07-02-2002, 11:34 AM
Okay, I put this earlier on the WDW boards (so beware MATTERHORN FAN) but this fits here too... especially with the mentioning of a MARY POPPINS ride (briliant idea of having breakaway Carousel, by the way):

According to David Koenig, Walt Disney had originally planned to do different "dark rides" in Florida for WDW so visiting each park could be a more unique experience. He wanted to have:

1. "Sleeping Beauty" instead of "Snow White". One can already imagine the amazing SB art style; culminating with a room full of thorns and the fire-breathing Dragon.

2. "Mary Poppins" instead of "Peter Pan"; riding Carousel Horses" (like in the animated sequence of "Poppins") throughout the entire ride.

3. (drum roll please...) "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" instead of "Mr. Toad". It was the perfect Florida compliment to DL's "Mr. Toad"; completing the two main characters of 1949's "Ichabod and Mr. Toad". This, more than any other cancellation, breaks my heart the most.

Unfortunately, after Walt died, the Disney Company immediately showed its "Without Walt" lack-of-guts and opted for the cheap "use the same plans" method that duplicated so much in Florida... not the least of which was the decision to build a Florida "Pirates of the Caribbean" instead of Marc Davis' amazing "Western river Expedition" Idea.

Check out "Western river Expedition" here:

Dean Higgins
07-13-2002, 06:44 PM
They should do something with all that wasted space in the BIG THUNDER RANCH/ FESTIVAL OF FOOLS area.

They could expand THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD to meander back through there on a more serene potion of the ride; including some of the old mine train props, AA's and stuff. They need to do something with all that area. It's funny how they'll use every last inch of area in places like ADVENTURELAND and New Orleans Square; even building outside the berm if need be (like INDY), but places inside the berm like the RANCH/FOOLS AREA and the SUB LAGOON are complete wastes with no forseeable future ideas. It's almost as if one caring part of DISNEY is in charge of the far West side of the park and another more inept group is in charge of the rest of it.

07-14-2002, 02:48 AM
I'm not very creative, but if I were head of Imagineering, I'd bring back the skybuckets and the subs. And the PeopleMover. What I always liked about those rides was that they weren't themed to any particular movie... they were just very good attractions that were unique to Disney.

And I would never, ever knock down the Castle! Bigger is not necessarily better.

07-14-2002, 03:36 AM
1. I would add a small stage show to Tom Sawyer Island, a la the camp circle in DCA, and bring the theming and maintenence back up so it wasn't the waste of space it is right now...
2. Tomorrowland getting a "Discovery Bay" makeover is about the best idea I've ever heard (and I've heard it many times)
3. I think, if Walt were around, he'd be okay with a bigger castle... maybe not "Florida size", but I wouldn't mind seeing the structure being expanded to at least open a small gift shop and a balcony on the top floor--- just enough to let the castle become a stage for shows and a more useful piece...
4. I'd have live animal shows in Critter Country
5. I would turn the Plaza Garden's stage to a midevil theme and create canopied areas for each prince and princess to do their meet and greets and have a "dance with royalty" dance every night where kids could come and dance with all of the princes and princesses...
6. The Fantasyland Theater would be torn down and a new "mountain" based on Hercules could be built there-- and, to go with the "greek fantasy" theming, the "Fantasia Gardens" would be given theming based on the Fantasia section with Diana and Dionysus and the pegasus', etc.
7.The main theater of Disneyland would be the Festival Arena where the first show would be based on Robin Hood =)
8. I'd knock down Tiki and the Oasis and rebuild the restaraunt Walt intended to be there, with all the birds, flowers, and tikis still there, but a stage big enough for the old tahisian terrace type show with a very slight retheming to include a stitch animatronic that could come out with the fountain or something... but I like the Tiki room show just fine and I'd die if we ever got Florida's version (okay, I wouldn't die... but I wouldn't be happy)
9. The Plaza Pavillion would become a coffee shop that would feature an aftrenoon tea with Mary Poppins, Bert, Alice and the rest of the Alice in Wonderland crew that always seem so "homeless" in the park
10. Innoventions would be a show (again) based on a "time machine" that was created by Ludwig von Drake... each different "era" would feature a classic Disney character who got zapped there because they were snooping around== like Goofy in the old west, Minnie in ancient egypt, Donald in primevil world, and Mickey in medevil times... the finale would be a "Mickey Review" type show, where they all get zapped back to Disneyland in the present, welcomed by Professor von Drake and dozens of other animatronic Disney charcters (which would be a great place to put in obscure characters like Elliot, the reluctant dragon, Claribell, Gadget, etc.... just a cool picture of all these Disney characters together...singing some new "Sherman Brother"type song)

07-14-2002, 05:04 AM
DH: Agree with you ........

Area occupied currently by the remnants of the ill-fated "FOFs" is in a prime area between Frontierland and Fantasyland (the old skyway Swiss Chalet is on the high ground on the FL side).

This piece of land could provide an attraction with a Frontier theme or one with a Fantasyland theme depending on how the imagineers wanted to go.

Personally, I would prefer some kind of evil castle dark ride or even an indoor coaster themed around a dragon in the castle - something spectacular to generate some new wife into the old park.

Of course, there is plenty of room in Tomorrowland for something new .........

07-14-2002, 12:01 PM
How about the following from The Rescuers and Pete's Dragon?

1) The Rescuers would be simple having you sit on a large bird carcass and you watch a movie with you flying over swamp country and maybe over the Australian outback (The Rescuers Down Under)...2 rides in one...the beancounters would LOVE IT!

2) A dark ride based on Pete's Dragon in the traditional Fantasyland take showing various scenes of the ride. I just want this one because I really like the song "Candle In The Water".


That would satisfy the fans and allow disney to bring in other nighttime entertainment.

07-14-2002, 12:07 PM
I would bring back the Rainbow Caverns and Mule rides, in the Wild West. It was called nature's wonders and rainbow caverns or something like that. I found a clip of it on some other Disneyland website. It was very interesting, and Rainbow Caverns is really beautiful. Also that was in the area that Thunder mountain is currently in. Also you know the area that takes you from Fantasyland to Frontierland and your walking along the left side of Thunder Mountain Railroad? Right across, in that lagoon area under the bridge that you cross, I would put in a Pocahontas ride. I don't think that movie has really gotten any recognition. That was a great movie, historical and fun, and I think the weeping willows and the river would be a perfect setting for the ride.

07-14-2002, 05:55 PM
I don't like how some of the most memorable movies dont really have rides or shows. It's all about old school Disney, never new school.

Personally, I tihnk the third theme park should be a park devoted purely to the Disney movies with themed rides and shows for almost each animated movie.

This post is a post for rides Id put in for the more recent movies that are not getting much ride or show attention:

The Little Mermaid- Dark Ride in Paradise Pier, something similar to the one that was planned for Disneyland Paris
Dark ride in Sub Lagoon in DL where guests ride in big bubbles past scenes in the movie

Beauty and the Beast- A dark ride probably wont work for this attraction. Maybe an AA show in DL somewhere, maybe using the old Rocket Rod queue but having an entrance on the Fantasyland side. The show could be sort of a permanent BATB stage show where it begins with the AA utensils singing Be Our Guest and goes into different scenes from the movie like Belle coming upon the castle and the Beast forcing her to stay. With songs like Human Again, Beauty and the Beast and a finale. (I would love to have a show like this)

Alladin- Tear out the Oasis and make it a queue leading to a building outside the berm where they can have an Alladin Dark Ride where you fly on carpets around Agrabah and over the lands.

The Lion King- I say they tear out the festival arena in Frontierland or build a spot in Critter Country where they can put the puppet Lion King show they had in WDW over here on the West Coast. That seemed to be a good crowd pleaser

Pocahontas- I can't really think of a ride for Pocahontas, unless you start calling the canoes "Pocahontas" Canoes or something and you canoe into a show building with themes from the movie. Maybe they can use the AA Meeko and Pocahontas thing and do a show over on Tom Sawyers Island or in DCA (like the one at DCA) like that, except have Pocahontas sing Colors of Wind at the end or something.

Hunchback- Bring back the Festival arena

Hercules- A good thrill ride could be created for this one, maybe about the Greek mythology and monsters or something. The best I can think of this would be an AA show with five pillars next to the stage with the likeness of the muses that come alive and narrate the tale of Hercules as a few actors portray it on stage.

Mulan- Expand the Bay Area to have China Town and add a Mulan DR in there

Atlantis- Submarine ride

Lilo and Stitch- Christmas Overlay to the Tiki Room

I really think they should make more rides based on the above movies. They could be popular!

07-14-2002, 06:44 PM
I would open up Indy and put in a new "GOOD" ice machine. Any other budget I would build a Fanasia Ride on a suspended track that mixes 3-D, animatronics,real movement, The big ending would be Mickey on the rock with 3D animated Ocean below you splashing up and water would get in your boat Fiber optic comets are swirling past you and the and is intense. Each car would have audio built into the ships. What a wondrerful ride it would be!

Take Care,
Kyle B.