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06-30-2002, 06:23 PM
I was wondering if anyone has any comments about Dolphin's Cove. As it is a timeshare and not a hotel I don't see too many posts about it. We will be staying there next June.

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06-30-2002, 06:30 PM
I know they used to be just regular apartments. From the looks of the website, they appear to have been refurbished and had some fun things added - like an outdoor pool table.


07-03-2002, 12:42 PM
Mom2three (hey...I am a mom to 3 too!),

If you stick around MP for awhile, you will notice my name up a lot. I have been posting on these boards for over a year now.

My husband and I bought into Dolphin's Cove a year ago May. We both swore we would NEVER buy a timeshare...but when we went to Dolphin's Cove on a friend's recommendation...we really liked the place....so we bought into it.

Justagrrl is right that they used to be apartments...but they have all been overhauled and remodelled. They are exceptionally nice. It's quiet, and We like knowing that everytime we go down there, we are going to stay in a clean, well kept environment that is not going to cost an arm and a leg. We also enjoy that there is a full kitchen for the longer trips we make, as we can feed our kids right there...either a full breakfast or even bowls of cereal....but there is always cereal, bagels, toast, orange juice and such available every morning and included with your stay. They serve a pancake breakfast on Sundays, that cost a small fee. But eating there in the condo sure saves on fast food trips or eating in the parks at times. Sometimes, we don't use the kitchen at all (like when just hubby and I went down for a quick weekend trip in April).
Timeshares aren't for everyone...and I didn't think we would ever, ever buy one...we had been to several presentations that were so pushy and agonizing to sit through. We'd only gone for the stupid free gift. But, here, there was no hard sell...no big pitch with balloons, loud music and a pressure to buy right there. We actually were given a day or so to think about if we wanted to buy.
But, because we did buy into it, we were able to go to Europe...at a very reasonable rate...$160.00 for a week's stay at a beautiful place in the English countryside south of London. Now, we didn't spend the whole week there...so we did have to pay more for a hotel room at Disneyland Paris and in Paris...but that was our choice. When we came back into England, our room was obviously still ours.
We are talking about using the "swap" of our timeshare to take our girls to Hawaii during the Christmas break. That would only cost us $40 for a week stay in Maui or Waikiki. And you know how expensive hotels can be.
The best part to us, is that we have a floating week we can trade...but we still have the option to go down to Dolphins Cove anytime we want for a 3 day jaunt...without using up our "week".
Again...I am not trying to sell you on this. I am just informing you. Like I said, timeshares aren't for everyone. Some people hate them...and wish they never bought into it...some people love them and use them all the time. We are still new to this whole thing...but so far, it's been good for us...a family of 5. And my girls LOVE going to Dolphins Cove...they really enjoy having their own rooms, vs having to share a big room for all of us...there is room for everyone to move around, lots of privacy, and two bathrooms if you request a condo with two bathrooms.
And since it is a resort, they have activities all day long for the kids...all kinds of games planned, crafts, etc. You get an activity itinerary upon check-in. My kids are too old to do these, but we see lots of little ones enjoying them. And there is like a wine/cheese gathering in the evenings for adults (We have never been to this, as we don't drink...but I am sure they also have soft drinks).

So...here is the scoop from someone who owns there.

Oh, I forgot the best feature...It's near Disneyland. That was the biggest selling feature for us. As often as we like to go...it's great that it is so close to the park! And, they do have a shuttle service.

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07-03-2002, 06:11 PM

Thanks for all the great info! I see so many posts about the various accommodations around Disneyland, but not much about Dolphin's Cove. We too are new timeshare owners, we bought last spring as well (Fairfield points)! Being an owner at Dolphin's Cove I was wondering if you could answer a few questions? Do you know anything about the 3 bedroom units? We exchanged into a 3 bedroom for June 14 of next summer. I was wondering if there is an area of the resort that we should request. Is it better to be near the pool? Or would that be too noisy? Also, are there some kitchen items that we should be sure to bring (such as coffee filters), some resorts have them and some don't. Also, did you use the shuttles back and forth to Disneyland and how did that work out for you? Anything else that you can think of that might be helpful for me to know would be great! Thanks for such a great reply,


07-03-2002, 08:08 PM
Wow, what luck. I was cold called last night, asking if I'd like to visit Dolphin's cove for a presentation. Without MousePad I would have no idea what they were talking about.

Now I just have to sit through an hour and half and I'll have two tickets to Catalina!!

I still just go to timeshares for the gifts. :D

07-05-2002, 07:28 AM
Sorry it has taken me a while to write again. I saw your post yesterday on the 4th...just as our company was coming in.

To answer your questions...we have never stayed in the 3 bedroom, only have viewed them. They seem very nice. Lots of space...the master bedrooms have a king size bed in them...and of course the sofa in the living room makes into a bed. You could fit 8 or a few more in there in comfort.
Last time we were there, they wanted to give us a room by the pool...it was just hubby and I and we were very tired, we didn't want the noise of the pool area. So, if you know you really want to sleep in, or take naps in the afternoon, ask to not be near the pool area. During the day it gets quite noisy with the kids in the pool and hottub. But, the place is not so large, that even if you are one of the furthest units out, you can walk to the main office in just a few minutes. (not like at WDW at some of the Disney resort properties, where it might take you 20 minutes to walk to the main buildings!:().
I have never personally taken the shuttle...but my kids and husband have. They had no problem with it. It doesn't pick up right infront of Dolphins Cove...but down a ways at a busy intersection/corner. It's just a short walk. And since you'll be here in June, you won't have to worry about rain, or extremely hot weather (unless we get a heat wave). I should mention that we live in No. California...south of San Francisco...near Stanford University. That is why we can go so often, it's about a 6-7 hour drive for us...or an hours flight down.
As for coffee filters, I had to ask hubby dear...because he is the only coffee drinker in the family. He said they do have them in the units. If for some reason they don't have any, just call the front desk, someone will be out...and they are so QUICK about getting there. One time, we got into a handicapped unit (we refused to be by the pool that time, and this was all that was left, but it was still nice)...and it had no hairdryer. When I called the office, I am not kidding, the guy was there in about 5 minutes to install one. I couldn't believe how quick it was.
I hope you have as good service as we have had...and I hope you enjoy your stay. Since we "own" there, we feel like it's our home away from home when we go to DLR. The kids feel so comfortable there...and really enjoy having there own room. Hubby and I enjoy the privacy also, compared to a hotel room where we are all in one big room.
Any other questions, let me know. You can always PM me.

And Tikiboy...
Let us know what you think of the place. When we went for the presentation, we got free DLR tickets (this was before we bought our AP's). Plus, it was such a great price to stay for a weekend, that it was too good to pass up...whether or not we decided to buy in, the promotion to come down was great.:)

07-05-2002, 07:52 AM
Maybe I should go to one of those events....I still to this day don't understand how time share works..show's how Smart I am huh! ;)

07-07-2002, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by disguy
Maybe I should go to one of those events....I still to this day don't understand how time share works..show's how Smart I am huh! ;)

We got interested in timesharing through a DVC presentation the last time we were in Disneyworld. As a family of five hotel rooms had gotten quite cramped for us and then there's the issue of always having to eat out. So having been timeshare owners for a year I would say we are very pleased. I do think it is important to try and research any purchase thoroughly because buying from the developer can be very costly. Buying resale is much cheaper but would require some knowledge ahead of time. Check out www.tug2.net for a discussion on timesharing.


07-12-2002, 09:13 PM
I finally went to the Dolphins cove presentation last night, and I have to say, I had to work for my free gift!

When I first got there, I was very disappointed with the place. I knew it wasn't in the nicest of areas, but it didn't look like they did do all that much to the exterior.

About the interior, I do have to say that they looked very nice. Lots of room, and they looked well taken care of.

Since I went by myself(my wife didn't want to go), I got the special tour. All the other people there were couples. I got along great with the tour guide until I said that there was no way I was going to purchase. Then it instantly turned into the HARD sell. I felt like I was on a used car lot.

But after saying no about 50 times and hearing that I "wasted" the tour guides time, I got my gifts!!

I got a voucher good for two tickets to Catalina, two AMC movie tickets, and $50 to chilis!! That's pretty good for an hour and a half!