View Full Version : WDW VMK quest pamplets trade or need

05-18-2007, 08:31 PM
Hello, I am looking for the WDW scratch quests hopefully not scratched the three quests I need are:
new Pirates quest,
Animation quest,
and the VMK insider tour haunted mansion quest (old).
I am willing to trade like quests or cards. The pirates and animation quests should both still be given out at the park right now.
I am in pathetic desperate need of these pamplets they are the only items missing from my set as of today. I am not asking for cards or codes just the quests you pick up at WDW VMK central.
Thank you to anyone who can help.

I will be going to DL on sunday 5-20-07 if anyone wants us to pick up current quests for them, just ask.