View Full Version : WANTED: Club 33 Dinner

03-09-2007, 10:08 AM
My husband and I have been premium passholders for over 6 years for Disneyland and have always dreamed of having dinner at Club 33. We are on the waiting list...waiting.

He is turning 50 this year, in April and I can think of no better way to give him a true memory. I have tried to purchase tickets through auctions, but can't afford the thousands of dollars they get up to.

Does anyone know anyone that can assist me with making this dream come true?


03-09-2007, 10:50 AM
I thought I posted this already, but can't seem to find it and am VERY new to this forum.

My husband and I are die hard Disney fans like so mant of you. We live in LA and are Premium passholders. I take my Daughter (almost 2 years old) almost every month, and sometimes more)

Let me get to the point. My husband is turning 50 this year and I can think of no better gift then to take him to dinner at Club 33. I have been trying to buy a way in through auctions, but the price always gets so high, I just cannot afford it. I was hoping someone here may know someone who can help me to make his 50th very special this April. We have dreamed of going and are on the waiting list to join...waiting.

Any help would greatly be appreciated and anything we can do to help the person who helps me as well.