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02-22-2007, 12:44 PM
Cora Armenio - February 1999

Time of Year: Winter
Travel Method: Plane, Rental Car
Resort: VBR
Ages Represented in Group: Pre-School, Adult
Comments: In Cora's first trip to a DVC resort as a member, the family spent a few days enjoying the sun at Vero Beach. This was a short trip, but with a nice report to give a flavor of Vero Beach Resort. The trip was a nice golf and relaxation getaway.

Cora Armenio -- February 1999 -- Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Trip Stats:

2/7/99 - 2/10/99
The Cast:
Mom-me, couldn’t wait until June to take first trip (37)
Dad (40, golf nut)
Anthony or AAA (5)-pool nut
Quickie getaway! First time as DVCers. Also, the weather has been amazing our entire stay. 80’s everyday and no clouds!
Day 1, Sunday, February 7, 1999

Up at 4:30 am (Yuck!). Leave for airport, Providence, RI. Arrive 6 am and valet car, great service. Check bags at Southwest (amazing airfare $134 roundtrip!) Very uneventful check-in etc at airport. AAA asking are we there yet. Smooth flight.

Arrive Orlando 10 min early, have bags, rental car and on road by 11 am! On to Vero. HINT! DO NOT USE AAA’s (triple A) DIRECTIONS THEY ADDED 40 MIN TO THE TRAVEL TIME AND $4.00 IN TOLLS!

Arrive at 2 pm. It is Beautiful! Room’s not ready. Hubby gets his golf voucher and our box from Netgrocer is there. We stopped to buy milk, so we had them store it for us. On to the Community Hall and change for the pool. What a pool. AAA loved the slide. I have no idea how many times he kept going up and down it. Us too! The Tiger Lilly ship that squirts water is a riot. AAA made friends very quickly. Dad & AAA played basketball in the pool and I got slushies. Room ready art 4pm. Oh, a CM by the name of Steve (he took our milk at check-in). Came looking for me at the pool to tell me he took the milk to our room so we wouldn’t have to go back and get it! Magic is starting! We had a corner room in building #14, 3rd floor. Lovely room with great view of pool and partial ocean. Very nicely kept except for a couple stains on the rug (No biggie!). Need to hurry, PS at Shutters at 5 pm. Dinner was ok. My meal and AAA’s was fine. Dad didn’t care for his. Disney just doesn’t do food! LOL 6pm off to the Community Hall to watch Mulan. Big turnout - nice time. I left early to get AAA’s bed ready. Message on machine from housekeeping. "Welcome and hope everything is ok"! Nite nite.

Day 2, February 8, 1999

Up at 6 am. Lord knows why! Love having coffee maker in room. Coffee made...out to balcony. AAA having cereal and milk in room. Hubby getting ready for 8:52 am tee time. Hubby gone, me and AAA off to the Inn to get me a muffin and more coffee. Wonderful lowfat orange muffin (I recommend them!). I sit on porch rocking in my rocking chair and AAA explores the flora & fauna. After a while we head to cottage 1250 for coffee and to see a grand villa. WOW! All I can say is we need more points. The layout and views are incredible. After a while, AAA and I head down to the beach. The beach is clear as far as the eyes can see. We found some beautiful shells. The water temp is 72 but it looks as if it has a nasty undertow. We don’t go in. We’ll stick with the pool. We take our collection back to the room to wash them. Then off on a bike ride. We rent bikes, discounted for DVC members. We head out through a tunnel under Rt. A1A and what do we find? Pooh’s 100 Acre Forest. AAA couldn’t believe it. We hiked for about 20 minutes. What fun! We then rode the bikes a little down the road and decided to head back to get changed for the pool. Now, AAA got in the pool at 10 am and did not leave, except for crafts at Noon, and finally got out at 2:30pm. My little prune! They played a cute ping pong ball game. They dropped a bunch of balls down the waterslide and you had to get as many as you could for your team...it was boys vs. girls. Girls won 2 out of 3.

Hubby finally back from golf. He had a personal best and it would’ve been better if the ALIGATOR didn’t eat his golf ball. He figured taking a penalty was better than losing a leg! LOL Now my turn for my time off...a massage. Marie was wonderful, 1 hour of relaxation. After I head back to the room to shower, change and off to Capt. Hiram’s for dinner. AAA was amazed at the egret and pelican that came so close to us at the restaurant. Guest services gave us coupons for a free dessert! Very nice. We made it back in time for the campfire, storytelling, s’mores and no-see-ums (nasty little bugs that you can’t see while they bite you). Unfortunately, AAA is exhausted and can’t make it through the whole campfire. Back to the room...nite!

Day 3, February 9, 1999

Last full day. Breakfast at Shutters. Took hubby to the cottage for coffee. BIG MISTAKE! He wants more points too. We then head off to Hale Groves for some citrus shopping. After taking the self-guided tour, watching the bees and placing an order we head back. Hubby & AAA played mini-golf...AAA won. I read by the pool. Pretty relaxing afternoon. AAA went to the unbirthday party in the community hall. He had lots of fun and hubby and I got to take a walk and have a drink in the Green Cabin Lounge (what a view!). We get AAA and head back to room to rest and get ready for our evening. At 5pm we head back over to cottage 1250 for a cocktail party. Very nice assortment of wines and hors d’eouvres (spelling). The members got to wear little badges and we got visors. All the kids got a little prize, AAA picked a slinky.

We left the cottage and headed to dinner at a wonderful deli called Too Jays. I highly recommend it. They were great with AAA, who was cranky. We get back in time for storytime, but AAA is too tired and asks if we can pass. Back to the room for bed and packing. Nite.

Day 4, February 10, 1999

Breakfast at Shutters. Head to the Mercantile and buy a watercolor of Vero. I think we’ll get one from each place we stay. Time to leave for the airport. A short but wonderful trip. We’ll definitely go back again.

Hope I wasn’t too long winded.

Cora Armenio