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Boo's Mommy
02-08-2007, 01:39 PM
Hi All,
Just a "quickie" report in the form of pro's and con's of the trip.
Unfortunately, this trip (although it is always a pleasure and love to be at Disneyland) did have it's shares of con's:
* still no dream prizes received (actually, we never even saw any of those dream cm's this trip)
* we had an unfortunate incident outside the BB, we waited past a big crowd to retrieve our stroller and watched in shock as this guy literally threw our stroller out of the way to get to his, leaving ours on it's side on the ground. I had to refrain my husband from having words with this guy (My DH did manage to get out "why don't you just finish thrashing it and get it in pieces!). And the guy had the nerve to tell us "Do you have a problem", to which we responded, yes, that's our stroller you just threw on the ground. I had two cranky and tired kids, my husband with bad legs in an evc, I just didn't want to deal with it..I just picked up our stroller myself and left....trying very hard to make sure my husband just ignored the guy as he kept ranting at us. At that point, I didn't even bother to say that the position that our stroller was in before he threw it was NOT the position in which we had originally left it before lunch.
* I think it was the week of rude people, from being pushed, cut off in the aisles, cut off in lines for rides, cut off in lines for food/service. The parks were NOT crowded at all, yet, somehow, we seemed to be in the thick of these types! Even the families that were in the adjacent rooms, we were never loud or anything, but the few we bumped into in the hallway, did NOT let their kids interact with ours...odd, isn't it?
* my DS threw up 2'x each day (too much excitement i was thinking, but we left with a high fever on the last day)
* my DD threw up on the last day and with a fever (they must have caught something, though i was really careful and watched what they touched and ate....made for a difficult 3 hour ride home)
* due to scheduling conflicts with relatives who ended up ditching us anyway, missed the Patina event (though from the other threads I read, I didn't miss too much this time)
* almost lost our gift basket I ordered! But thankfully, the wonderful CM's at GCH found it.
* general observation of park ride operators cm's - they all seemed tired, jaded and unresponsive. My DD is very talkative and loves interactive CM's, but most of them just ignored her -she wasn't bummed, but I was more so. Almost as if the whole dumb Tigger scandal had a real impact.

But the Pro's:
* had excellent service at GCH as always (I LOVE this hotel)
* had an excellent room with an AWESOME view of the park!
* got to eat both the cookie boat and the creme brulee's at BB (yes, i skipped a meal and went straight for the dessert)
* finally got to eat at Storytellers buffet for dinner - EXCELLENT service and food!!!!!
* Got tons of great pictures as the parks were really light!
* finally got to see a parade - i'm not sure which one it is, but the family of dreams in DLR? It just happened to start when we got off the Monorail in TL and we got a great spot! The kids just loved it! I wasn't sure how they would like it as they don't have very long attention spans and thinks like twinkly lights and fireworks seem to bore them. But even my 2 year old (DS) was dancing up and down and just really enjoyed it!
* Bought a really neat statue of a Pirate Mickey and a Pirates of the Caribbean shadow box! We have a general DLR theme throughout the house and more recently my DH is doing a general pirate them in the family room -Mickey looks great on top of our wine barrel! Can't wait for Pirate Minnie to come out...that'll be a treat for the October trip.
* have I already gushed about the GCH CM's, they are just all soo awesome, from the valet and bellhops, to our mousekeepers, to the security guards, to the front desk, and especially the folks at the Guest Services desk!

02-08-2007, 02:04 PM
I noticed a lot of rude people on Sunday when we were there as well. We stopped at Carnation for breakfast, received poor service. I went out to get my Grandma's ECV for her and the crowds had gathered to watch the band play. There was two lanes of people moving along the sidewalk trying to get by, one going each way just like during parade hours. Well I kept trying to back her ECV out of the stroller parking area and no one was stopping to let me move it. My mom was helping Gram's walk through the crowd to her ECV so she could at least sit down and this gentleman (not that he deserves to be called that) started yelling at them to move faster and get out of his way so he could get a photo of the band. My mom said something to him, not sure what as I was still struggling to get the ECV for her. Luckily someone noticed the issues going on and stopped next to me to block the flow of people so Gram's could get into the ECV and try to get out of the mess. Doing this though managed to irritate someone else and they started to yell for people to keep moving.

Monday evening was great for us. Very friendly CMs through out the park before Patina.

02-08-2007, 02:43 PM
i was there with my family Tuesday the 30th to Monday the 5th. We had a wonderful time, and i guess fortunately for us, we didn't experience any of the things you talk about.
Our only 'off' moment was on our way up to Space mountain. An entire family- including kids, Mom, Dad and I'm assuming Grandma came running up the ramp with a little girl in wedge (platform)heels in tow. And they were cheering that they made her tall enough to ride, and joking about how she could just barely walk in the shoes and "woo, look how wobbly she is." I wanted to yell at them about the safety issues etc. but kept my cool (barely). If they want to teach their kids to break the rules then so be it.I am sorry to hear not everyone had a great weekend at the park!