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01-07-2007, 07:18 PM
Dennis Greenblatt -- March 2000 -- Yacht Club Resort

March 2000

This is a quick observation about the hotel: I was happy staying at the Yacht Club. (My first choice is still the Wilderness Lodge). I must say, the Epcot resorts are a great location! It was nice having such close access to Epcot AND MGM. The boat ride to MGM was nice. It was also nice to have a the Boardwalk Hotel right there with it's nightlife. If you felt like taking a walk after the parks but didn't want to take a bus to Downtown Disney, the Boardwalk felt like your own personal night- time entertainment district.

The Yacht/Beach Hotel has a HUGE pool area called Storm-A-Long Bay. Storm-A-Long was GREAT! When I stayed, it was only open 10am to 6pm. I asked why it wasn't open longer and was told it was classified as a water park and had to have lifeguards ALL the time. I enjoyed the ducks in the pool, the water slide (MUCH longer than I thought), the whirlpool (currents, not hot tub) the hot tubs, sand bottom, the rising jets, and the quicksand... whew! As you see, a lot of good to say about the pool except for the hours. The hours may be longer for you in May. I was told it is open as late as 8pm in July.

I was disappointed at the lack of a "refill mug" program. I really missed this program! (Like the Wilderness Lodge) There was free coffee in the Yacht Club lobby until 7:30am. There was only one dispenser that was usually empty. There was a wait three of the four mornings I was there. I wished the free coffee continued longer than 7:30am. (I missed Roaring Forks)

The "quick service" breakfast seemed to have less choices than WL. (Beaches and Cream was the quick service place) It was smaller than I imagined. In other words, it was more conducive to eat breakfast at the sit down places.

In general, the costs of staying here were more than the Lodge. I guess Disney figures if you are staying at a more expensive hotel to start with, you can afford to spend more while you are there. For example, room service was more here than WL. WL is a less expensive hotel thus the surrounding expenses seemed to be lower.

Some great pluses of this location were the boats to Epcot/Studios. (The busses seemed quick as well) and Boardwalk was a perfect night time hangout. It was nice to have a mini "night life" right there. We always spend some time property hopping and you have four other resorts right there to explore! Location also allows you to see FANTASMIC and take the boat to Epcot to catch Illuminations! This is a WONDERFUL LOCATION no doubt!!! This place really grew on me and I would stay in this area again. We left saying, Boy that was expensive but they DO make it worth it! I get more value from Wilderness Lodge. The biggest "bang" for your deluxe dollar. But remember, Yacht/Beach, Boardwalk ARE BETTER HOTELS.

Dennis Greenblatt