View Full Version : trip report 12/28/06 Thursday

12-29-2006, 10:02 AM
I was able to swing by Disneyland, Thursday night, December 28, 2006.

I got to MICKEY AND FRIENDS parking structure about 6:30 p.m.
The electronic sign said they stopped selling tickets. Uh-oh -- does that imply something bad for Annual Passholders? I parked on the top level (MINNIE, E-1, which is the farthest row).

Good news -- I got into Disneyland without incident. So, DL had not yet reached (or had already reached and receded from) maximum capacity.

But! -- This is new to me -- I/we (everyone who entered) was re-directed to avoid MAIN STREET but to walk directly to TOMORROWLAND using the back way. -- The gate where parades start/end was open, and the whole lot of us were queued up and marched through part of the "back stage" part of Disneyland. We entered Tomorrowland thru the Starcade rear, where the photos are picked up, and where the bathrooms and telephones are.

Well! I'm in Tomorrowland first -- I usually go to one of the Lands on the left hand side first. Now I've got to think whether I want to fight the crowd and go to the left-side land or stay in Tomorrowland.

I saw two sets at TOMORROWLAND STAGE (the old Club Buzz) of BROOKE WILKES AND DIVA TRIP.

I still have not seen the "Talk to Stitch" in INNOVENTIONS. I'm beginning to think its a big conspiracy only, and not real. [just kidding]

I didn't see a piano player at REFRESHMENT CORNER.

Ah! But hooray! -- I saw the DICKENS CAROLERS. Eight "a cappella" singers, including hand-bells for some numbers. THIS made the trip worthwhile. The DICKENS CAROLERS are NOT listed on the paper "Entertainment Guide" at the entrance gate. I with the Guide did list them. I had feared that after Christmas there would be no Dickens Carolers.

Oh! Incidental note. -- End of visit -- While walking back to my car, passed by a car or truck which had license plates (not merely a license plate FRAME) which said (spelling approximate) CRZY4MCKY. Is that any of you guys? [wink]