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05-24-2002, 12:34 PM
Splash Mountain has reopened at the Disneyland Resort.

Relevant information includes:

* Height Restrictions are 40"
* Children under 8 must be accompanied by a responsible person, age 16 or over
* Fast Pass is working

A new character meet and greet area is open. Hours are:
Fri - Mon: 9am - 8pm
Tues - Thurs: 9am - 6pm

There is also a Splash Mountain Minstrel with sets at:
Fri - Sat: 12, 1, 2, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30
Sun - Thurs: 11, 12, 1, 2, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30

More info and pictures will be available later today.

05-24-2002, 03:49 PM
I found this post over at LaughingPlace.com, and since it has such interesting information, I thought it worthy of posting over here....


I have been to the mountain, and have returned to report. I found the five seat logs to be no big deal. Then again, I'm a slender 6 feet, 170 pound man. We'll see what others have to say.

The majority of this quoted post has been removed. If you want to read the entire post, follow the link above. Adrienne K

05-24-2002, 05:21 PM

Well, at least it was running ..............

One question - did the lighter log appear to be drier than the previous version of the ride? One would think that with less weight there might be less splash unless there were changes in the water level or some other adjustment .........

05-25-2002, 01:07 AM
I went today with the intent on riding Splash. Arriving at 12:00, fatpasses were being distributed for 6:10-7:10. Upon returning for the fastpass the ride went 101 and was evacuated. Later the ride was up again and as we walked past the main drop into Critter Country we heard the announcement again that they were evacuating. It never reopened. I will post more after I get some sleep if someone else has not posted. Hungry Bear restaurant has also reopened with few changes and seemed to be doing good business.

05-25-2002, 01:19 AM
I went today with the intent on riding Splash. Arriving at 12:00, fatpasses were being distributed for 6:10-7:10. Upon returning for the fastpass the ride went 101 and was evacuated. Later the ride was up again and as we walked past the main drop into Critter Country we heard the announcement again that they were evacuating. It never reopened. I will post more after I get some sleep if someone else has not posted. Hungry Bear restaurant has also reopened with few changes and seemed to be doing good business.

Picture from 5-24-02 Evacuation of Ride taken from the entrance to Critter Country!

Uncle Dick
05-25-2002, 02:40 AM
Awesome picture Techie7. It's so… artful. I love the way the flowers and tree branches frame the background.

I plan on being at the park first thing tomorrow morning, first to pick up my Padmé pin, and then to ride SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!! I'll post a report when I get home…

05-25-2002, 08:32 AM
Here is another first hand report, this time from MouseInfo.com....


I headed over to the Park after work Friday to check out Splash myself.

I noticed most of those things as well, and this was in the early evening hours.

The majority of this quoted post has been deleted. If you want to read the entire post, please follow the link above-- Adrienne K

Ghoulish Delight
05-25-2002, 08:45 AM
My GOD! Okay, this is EXACTLY what led me to consider not renewing my pass.

Everyone's been telling me, "oh just wait. How can you say they're not spending their money wisely when they are doing major refurbs on all the e-tickets. When those are done, the park will be spectcular again." Does this sound like money well spent?!? After months and months and months, they cant' get some bees on a pole to spin in a circle? Or put a bird's head on straight? This is a travesty. That kind of shoddy workmanship and inatention to detail and the show experience are paramount to spitting on everything that park means. Maybe I'm over reacting, but it just baffles me that after that much time under repair, the ride isn't in tip-top shape.

Once again, Al has been proven right! I've agreed with him from the moment he said it. The problem here is that so much of their energy went into the log redesign that they let so much else fall to the wayside. And you know what would have solved it (tell me if this sounds familiar)? Keep the ride closed for a full year, do the logs right, and do a complete, proper refurb! Don't rush to open it for two or three months! People railed against Al for making that statement, demanding that Splash be open for the Summer. Well, they got what the wanted, a rush job. A half finished refurb with broken animatronics and management too focused on the logs to even thing about shutting a door or turning off a light.

05-25-2002, 09:14 AM
gah.... they'd better fix all this before I go in August for my birthday...

Uncle Dick
05-26-2002, 02:59 AM
So I got to the park a few minutes before 8 and made a mad dash for the Star Trader at opening. I then immediately headed for Splash Mountain, eager to ride after so many months of absence. Unfortunately, Splash remained closed for the first two hours of Disneyland park operation, opening only after the flume was drained and refilled.

Not wanting to wait in the typically long line for Splash, I opted to use the new Single Rider pass and entered through the exit. The Single Rider line is sent over the previously off-limits bridge where it sort of intersects with the regular line at the first log loading area. The first problem evident in this setup was that the person in the second log loading area (i.e. closer to the control tower) didn't have direct access to the single rider line and, as a result, many logs were sent out unfilled. The guy standing in front of me got so angry about this, that he stormed off and complained to a manager, who was able to "motivate" the loading zone CMs to do a better job with the Single Riders. One thing I do have to say about the newly opened Critter Country is that there were a whole bunch of managers around, making things were running smoothly. I like that.

Now on to the all important "size issue". I'm a fairly big guy (6'3", 176 lbs.), but I had absolutely no problems during the entire ride and was actually quite comfortable. It was a little weird, though, stretching my legs out so close to the guy in the seat in front of me…

The water level in the flume seemed a bit higher than I've ever seen it before, but it didn't effect the ride. The curse of the Haunted Mansion has now spread to two other attractions: Splash and Thunder (which both opened on Friday). The ol' "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness" spiel has been replaced by a not-so-good imitation in both English and Spanish. A brand new safety spiel in the same vein was added to the first lift hill on Splash.

The ride itself was fine. I noticed a few effects missing (like the shadow of Brer Fox on the final lift hill) but a few things also seemed to be a little bit improved (like Brer Bear's buttocks). For some reason, they still haven't removed the owl dude you see at the very end of the ride even though the picture screen there hasn't worked in years.

Outside of the ride, Critter Country hasn't changed much. Pooh's meet 'n' greet has been moved to an island out in front of Teddi Berra's Arcade causing horrible traffic flow problems at the Splash Mountain exit. They should have left it over on the Small World Promenade until the "mysterious new attraction" is finished. Speaking of the "mysterious new attraction", I found it rather, um, interesting that a movie poster for "The Country Bears" was tacked onto a construction wall right across from the Splash Mountain main entrance. Interesting tactic, I suppose. The Hungry Bear Restaurant is unchanged, except for new ramps out in front to the upper and lower levels. I saw a kittie on the lower level. It hissed and arched its back at me when I tried to pet it.

The new Splash Mountain Fastpass distribution center appears to be nearing completion over by the Mansion exit. I could see the "tree branches" that will eventually hold the "Distribution" and "Standby" signs peaking over the green wall.

Bottom line, Splash is back. It's capacity may be diminished, but other than that, the changes aren't really that radical.

05-26-2002, 03:04 AM
Originally posted by Uncle Dick
(like Brer Bear's buttocks)

WOW! You knowest a lot of things. ;)

05-26-2002, 01:15 PM
Just got back from Disneyland, and MAN!! That single rider pass works great!! There was a 50 minute wait at 10:45 and I walked on.

I'm 6'4" and 270 lbs, and actually fit in the front seat. Though I wouldn't want to be trapped in there for any extended period of time.

I looked all around and it looked to me like all the show elements were working.

05-26-2002, 01:54 PM
They have a single rider AND -- as I predicted in a thread a few months ago -- they are weaving it over the bridge!

Hope they work out all the "bad show" kinks before my office workers and I go on June 23 :)

No all they have to do is eith Fastpass or Single Rider the Matterhorn -- could that line get any longer if they tried?

05-26-2002, 04:07 PM
so these logs are permanent?

Disney Nick
05-26-2002, 05:20 PM
so these logs are permanent?

As far as I understand the logs are only temporary. TDA and the Lawyers are still in debate over this issue. When Splash shuts down again after Labor Day it wouldn't suprise me to see a better log put in... but this was sort of thrown together in an attempt to get Splash open before Memorial Day.

05-26-2002, 06:57 PM
Disposable ride vehicles. Now I've seen it all. I hope they recycle them when they are done with them.

05-26-2002, 11:25 PM
Sure... you drop 'em in those little trash cans on the way out and they sterilize them for the next batch of guests ;)

05-26-2002, 11:31 PM
We went on the ride today and had a wonderful time. It's been over two years since I last rode it, so I was especially happy. We got there around 11am and got Fastpasses with a return time between 1:25pm and 2:35pm.

The new logs were fine. My husband sat in front and because he's tall found the legroom a bit cramped, but that was it.

We also rode Grizzly River Rapids for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

05-27-2002, 12:01 AM
Originally posted by Uncle Dick
Speaking of the "mysterious new attraction", I found it rather, um, interesting that a movie poster for "The Country Bears" was tacked onto a construction wall right across from the Splash Mountain main entrance. Interesting tactic, I suppose.

Well, that's a slap in the face to the customer just waiting to happen. It sure would be nice if the movie actually causes people to want to visit the Country Bear Playhouse, only to be told that they have to spend an extra $1000 to fly to Orlando.
I may be going to Disneyland in the beginning of June. If Mr. Bluebird's head is still on backwards, I'll take a picture!

05-27-2002, 08:20 AM
Originally posted by coronamouseman
One question - did the lighter log appear to be drier than the previous version of the ride? One would think that with less weight there might be less splash unless there were changes in the water level or some other adjustment .........

It's been my experience that I get the most wet not from water splashed up by the logs, but just as you're beginning the first ascent. As the water canons fire when a log hits the bottom of the big drop, if your boat is timed just right you get the full brunt of the attack. Soaked before you even start the ride :).

05-27-2002, 12:31 PM
OK, I just got back from the DLR, arrived around 3 PM (Had to watch the Indy race, way to go Helio Castroneves, wow, talk about luck... he was running on FUMES!!!!)... went straight to Splash, the FastPasses were for 10:35 PM to 11:35 PM, and the Stand By time was 160 minutes... ended up trying to use the Single Rider line, and, when I went to the main entrance (The Stand-By and FastPass entrances are now combined, at the "old" Barn entrance, though the Stand-By line extends a lot further back than the "barn"). I go up to the CM, and ask for a Single Rider Pass, he says they are all out, and hopefully he will be getting some soon... a few minutes later, another CM brings out some Single Rider Passes... I get one, and then go over near the exit, where they have set up TWO lines outside the exit, one for Single riders, and the other for Wheelchairs/SAP's...There was less than 20 people in the Single rider line (so why did they run out of passes???).... And what a mess the exit area is... people trying to exit, SAP's lining up to board, Single rider trying to follow cast member instructions and get past the SAP "inner" line and the folks trying to exit, to get to the "bridge", and over to the other side... and what a joke that is, I saw MULTIPLE groups in the single rider line being placed together (How many, Two, Ok...) even though they were in the Single line...

By the way, I am making this a seperate paragraph on purpose... while in line, I saw the difference between a Four and Five person log... (in fact, I think one of the photos from Michael's last update has a FOUR person log).. The difference is that the "fourth" backrest is removed, so in a FOUR person log, you have THREE seats just the same as any other log, but instead of two more seats, you have just ONE, so basically one "double" seat (but don't even think of having two people sit in that one area!!!!) The Front of the log is LEFT!


Five Person Log .... P P P P I

Four Person Log .... P P P _ I

OK, so I get assigned to an extra seat (a group of eight wanted to ride, they decided four and four...), but the Air Gates confused them (and many others!!!!) Since the Air gates are "single person", many people don't realize that two guests are supposed to go thru the gate (well, at least most gates, and the fact that the gates don't line up with the new seating is another problem....)... my log left with one empty seat due to the confusion.....(and one member of the group left behind...) FYI, this time, I had the back seat, and I am a 6 Foot, 220 Pound guy, with a 34 " inseam, and had no real problem, though I did not place my legs straight, because I did not want to "invade" the folks in front of me... the "little" rounded (maybe an extra two inches on each side) seat was nice.

The actual ride wasn't bad.... You could notice going up the second lift, they hadn't bother repainting the area, look at the "barrels" of corn syrup and molasses... they look the same as ten years ago, and have stains/marks to prove that they hadn't been repainted....

Inside the ride building, you can notice the safety railings, though Disney tried to hide them as much as possible.....

As for the final scene... UGH!!!!! My god, they had Months without water in the area, why did they not paint the "showboat"... if you are planning to ride in the near future, check the bottom of the boat, I noticed the left side, that the paint was peeling BIG time at water level... plus the Mildew is evident over the entire length of the "boat". It is OBVIOUS that nothing was done in this area....

After finishing Splash, decided to check out the Arcade and Stores... and there is a serious traffic problem here.... (Well, at least they have some neat pinball games here!!!)

Then, worked my way up to the bathroom... and while it is easier to get to the Restaurant upstairs, the access to the downstairs area (and BATHROOMS) is more restrictive than before the "improvement", my memory has the stairs being about twice the length that the new stairs are... and when I need to get to the "facilities", I don't want a traffic jam!!!!

After this, went past the "101 aka broken" BTMR, the shell of King Arthur, with the idea of getting on the Monorail to watch the end of the Lakers game, and I figured out that I could walk faster than the wait for the Monorail... Walked by the "Cosmic Sitter" (previously known as Cosmic Waves)... the Gold areas are starting to have "purple" spots on them....

Then, ended up walking out of Disneyland, and thru Downtown Disney to the Grand Californian.... ended up at the Hearthstone Lounge, and watched the fourth quarter of the Lakers game. Pints of Newcastle for $4 and change, and sat at the bar... (beats the crowd that was at ESPNZone), but why did GCH have 19" TV's in a case that is designed to hold 25" TV's????. (Heck, you can get basic 25" TV's for less than $300, if not closer to $200!!!) Watched the entire 4th quarter, (well, except for the point in the last two minutes of the game where the "right" TV decided to change channels!!!! (It was fixed shortly, after everyone from the right side stood up and went to the left TV!) Anyways, after Mr. Horry hit that AWESOME three-pointer with less than a second to go.... went to DCA thru the GCH entrance...Lucky Fortune Cookery and Hollywood and Dine were both closed on a Holiday weekend!!!!!

Saw the 5:45 PM show of Goofy's Beach Party Bash... even with the new Shade Structure, Two-Thirds of the seats were in the sun... (I know, earlier in the day, less seats would have been in the sun).... but they also had a 6:45 PM show scheduled... I am glad they added the shade, but it doesn't seem like they thought enough about it, so the first three shows are OK (the audience has aprotection form the EAST), the later shows need more protection!!!!

Ended up back at Disneyland, used my FastPass on Big Thunder (lucked out, the ride JUST opened when I walked back to the area!), the "safety" announcement is played in the station, I am very glad that I am not a CM in that area!!!!

I also want to say, all the CM's today were very nice, even those who had to work Splash Mountain (It is not the CM's fault that Splash is not at 100%!!!)

Then back to Splash, and got another Single rider....
By the way, it is about 7 PM now.... got to the "exit area, and instead of going over the bridge, I was directed immediately to a log, she (the CM) pointed to the back seat, but one of the four guests already in the log moved and sat in it, leaving open the FRONT seat, which I sat in. This is now a log with me (a 6 Foot, 220 pound "adult", followed by 4 teenage males.. my guess, between 150 and 100 pounds, with the lightest in the BACK of the log....

Between the first and second lift was one of the biggest surprises I ever had at Splash...I presume that most of you know that the "downhill" splash is an effect, well, they need to adjust it!!!! My whole right side got "SOAKED" from the effect, it is OVER shooting the area into the flume zone, so while slowly drifting towards the second lift, this LARGE amount of water is shot right ON you!... CM's knew of the problem when I told them....

The second SOAK zone was at the end of the Laughing Place "roller coaster" area, when the log reentered the water, a large wave entered the log on the right side... soaking both me and the person directly behind me...So now both my shirt (from the first Soak/effect) and my shorts (from the second Soak/wave)

NOW, I expect to be "sprayed" and get a few drops on me, I DON'T expect to become as wet as riding GRR!!!!

Oh well, GO LAKERS

05-27-2002, 11:08 PM
:) It is so nice that Splash is back :)

I was expecting it to be awful by the way everyone was describing it but it wasn't that bad. Got there around 2ish - got a fast pass for 7ish, the line was 120 min, no way I was waiting for that...(Should I do an ode to BLAST here?)
Now the seats seemed the same as before only with backs on them. I am so glad that I was sitting in the back because the girl in the front got SOAKED! And the guy behind her didn't stay so dry himself. I didn't really notice anything else all that different, but then again it's been a couple of years since I have been on it.

Uncle Dick
05-28-2002, 11:20 PM
Rode Splash again this evening. At 7:30, the standby line was 75 minutes long. :eek:

A couple of weird things happened during the ride. First of all, one of the gates just before Brer Bear's buttocks closed, causing about 5 logs to back up. Then, it just sort of released em all without any indication as to why it happened. Then, at the very bottom of the final lift hill, there was a CM with a flashlight. He shined it into each log just before it started up the conveyer belt to the top of Chick-a-pin Hill. I can't imagine what he could be looking for (stolen Animatronics?).