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11-14-2006, 01:51 PM
I am very "challenged" when it comes to finding my way and I am taking my 2yr old to DL by myself for the first time. I get confused just getting off the freeway and finding the Mickey & friends parking structure!

Would someone be so kind as to direct me from the parking lot to the warehouse? I really appreciate it!:D

P.S. I do much better with "go left or right" than North/South etc. I am REALLY challenged!

Tinker Bell
11-14-2006, 03:17 PM
Here is an easy one when leaving Mickey and friends your first light should be Ball. Make a right. Over the hill is Harbor go left. Go go go go go go go far down that road. You will go over the 91 FWY On your right will be Circut City The outlet is in that lot all the way down on the other end. Hope that helps.

11-14-2006, 03:24 PM
Thanks Tinker Bell! I am counting down the hours:D

11-14-2006, 03:44 PM
Anyone know if they would have any of the 50th stuff left? Particularly the 50th leather jacket.

11-14-2006, 04:57 PM
I was there a couple of days ago and they have a few leather jackets hanging up high but not very many of them. They have lots 50th aniversary stuff like hats, sweat shirts, t-shirts, jackets etc. I bought a 50th gold ears mickey hat for 2.50. They were $11 at the park and will keep it for a souviner. By the way The warehouse is on the corner of Orangethorp and Lemon in Fullerton. Directions were good.

11-14-2006, 06:18 PM
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11-14-2006, 06:52 PM
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Thank you! I just printed my coupon off and put it with my tickets and stuff for my trip next week.

11-14-2006, 10:36 PM
Here is an easy one when leaving Mickey and friends your first light should be Ball.

I always get stuck having to get on I-5 since they put up the barriers. Can you turn right onto Ball Rd again?

Tinker Bell
11-15-2006, 11:45 AM
If you go on I 5 Go North. Take 91 East Riverside It is The exit after 91 west. Get off the 91 at Habor/ Lemon. Make left at Lemon after the first light it will be on your left before you reach Orangethorp. Now for those who like to really go out there are a few more Outlets with in 1hr - 1hr30min from DL. http://www.ams-liquidation.com/stores.htm The Puente Hills Mall one opens up on Saturday It is off the 60 FWY. There is going to be one in Pomona soon it will be near the 60 also.

DL to Fullerton Outlet (http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?do=prt&mo=ma&2si=navt&src=maps&un=m&1ffi=1&go=1&2gi=0&1a=1313%20S%20Harbor%20Blvd&1c=Anaheim&1pn=Disneyland&1g=T%2fK9bth7JT3i4d7kGjo4zg%3d%3d&2a=243%20Orangefair%20Mall&1l=f%2bscpbr%2fDm3rm%2b81v54qvw%3d%3d&2c=Fullerton&cl=EN&1qn=Disneyland&2g=RHQx%2bQSigWgpFnGNNRQUQg%3d%3d&qq=m4ZeC4eEaUifxZ38NcGj2flmIv9tDjpndj0bkxkY31gM%25 2fLBliq0GHiVLFGtjzXpY%252b2b1KpxYd37ntbMeD2a%252b6 6orsvKB6hWjUWdgD%252buELh9r4luUk6bOxxjI3f%252bEfDh UDdnsjWXyzry6e6VQMVJrvyxvlxdW1VbWnrh1pQszBuN3Webm7 gueSvuveBObNu3FyObaMrlv7%252fKp%252f2sE5iep9ZwOtWy 6x8WY2nJCvsOspreyw%252bG9rpXxZExWyH2TGdaVsgoaK9g9e QnuuWUuKLFEv07YJOs8YNu9kAzGuTSvrXi4sAk4GT%252fdlnk ndBerO8yl3N6es5OC98Y3JhIYfYQODNSNECCCzSWmkLhd9iCFy I7QIUoenjdh%252bXjdQA83XJLhO4DPSGslCVo%253d&1s=CA&2l=6mQOCUgmH2J28YmPYeZplg%3d%3d&ct=NA&1v=ADDRESS&2n=ORANGE%20COUNTY&q=DisneyLand&1y=US&1z=92802&2s=CA&2rc=L1AAA&2da=%2d1%2e000000&2v=ADDRESS&did=1163622945&2y=US&2z=92832%2d3038&rsres=1&ms=33.834447|-117.919594|10|1004|585|street)

DL to Pomona (http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?do=nw&go=1&r=&aoh=&aot=&aof=&2a=&2c=POMONA&2s=CA&2z=91766%2d6523&2n=LOS%20ANGELES%20COUNTY&2y=US&2l=3XEGZCFCcrFwWobux5MgrA%3d%3d&2g=CfGFqbPUvmtcwoLYZCc9gQ%3d%3d&2v=ZIP9&1a=1313%20S%20Harbor%20Blvd&1c=Anaheim&1s=CA&1z=92802&1y=US&1l=f%2bscpbr%2fDm3rm%2b81v54qvw%3d%3d&1g=T%2fK9bth7JT3i4d7kGjo4zg%3d%3d&1pn=Disneyland&1pl=&1v=ADDRESS&1ffi=1&1ex=&1n=)

DL to Puente Hills Mall (http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?go=1&do=nw&rmm=1&mo=ma&un=m&cl=EN&qq=8sZ2eXZGPCHttSjZxoXiHojU9MYo5vK%252fq0h0EIvPY80 9XzSLYTb0eMUScdvnU%252bXfFRAnP7Vr%252f67PxWe1KhXwA Z9KLPwo0tW0ZqNMwGyhBYr7A%252bxTlyoRCAf8wuPkvmEWDbU i2usC%252fp2gxU94hBKu%252ff19ADgXfRydtsPPqICxUHhTc EMngvZ05TTOJ6xCb0CjoWp3mtg6KwKe4IVC9eJvUcCRQDKK40N gkRjxn5neidn%252fOcQfzTRXKwLoVCsohFSJqWqvP%252fQ6S wActpeIiCnIX%252fw6rjPKzuVENR%252b5ZTQuxDFS0AKl5tX bqOBc7yX1Aoy2f8G7gt4bAm5BcUNEiznI8%252buB4fZtZ2quS bNglAPjG0BwABI4AzVSQyXEmTLBVAUUbjEcjY3oe9arbwZziL% 252bnRto8NbYXXc6o&ct=NA&did=1163623083&rsres=1&1y=US&1ffi=1&1l=f%252bscpbr%252fDm3rm%252b81v54qvw%253d%253d&1g=T%252fK9bth7JT3i4d7kGjo4zg%253d%253d&1pl=&1v=ADDRESS&1n=&1pn=Disneyland&1a=1313+S+Harbor+Blvd&1c=Anaheim&1s=CA&1z=92802&2y=US&2ffi=&2l=&2g=&2pl=&2v=&2n=&2pn=&2a=1600+S+AZUSA+AVE&2c=CITY+OF+INDUSTRY&2s=CA&2z=91748-1674&panelbtn=2)

11-15-2006, 12:19 PM
Or, if you want to avoid the freeway, do not enter the 5 and continue North until you reach the signal light at Santa Ana. You then turn right and proceed East until you reach Harbor. You then turn left on Harbor heading North and follow the instructions given earlier by Tinker Bell to reach the Character Warehouse from Harbor. This is also useful information for those trying to get to the 91 or 57 on Ball but are frustrated by being forced to go to the 5 because of the blockage. I understand why they do it. They are trying to cut down on the traffic being regurgitated from the parking structure onto surface streets.

mel g
11-15-2006, 02:31 PM
About how long does it take to get from DL to the outlet? Is it worth the drive? (I am from Canada and have never been to the outlets, but I would like to replace a few 50th items I had that were ruined...)


11-15-2006, 02:45 PM
About how long does it take to get from DL to the outlet? Is it worth the drive? (I am from Canada and have never been to the outlets, but I would like to replace a few 50th items I had that were ruined...)


The Outlet Store is located about 3 miles north of the DLR.

If you don't want to drive (about 10 minutes), the local OCTA bus, route 43 runs up and down Harbor about every 15 minutes. $1.25 one way, and about a 20 minute bus trip (get off at Orangethorpe).

You can combine the visit with a few other things.

I recommend In-n-Out Burger for lunch, a well known locally owned chain. Not much on the menu, but what they offer is quite good. Hamburgers, Shakes, Fries and Soda.

Also there is a Costco, Target, Supermarket (Food4Less) and many other stores, basically a short walk from the intersection of Harbor and Orangethorpe.

I think it is a good break away from the parks.

11-16-2006, 05:56 AM
Thanks for everyone's directions. I took the street route and it didn't take long, even in 4:45 traffic. Getting home on the fwy was another matter:eek:

They had lots of cute adult apparel, but I was looking for boy stuff. Great prices for disney stuff, but still a bit much (for me) on some things like sweatshirts and jackets -but that's just because I am so used to paying Walmart and Target prices for tops!

I bought my son a really cute 50th shirt for 10.00 If I hadn't spent so much at the park I probably would have bought more stuff!

I will definitely come here regularly. It's worth the extra drive/time!

mel g
11-16-2006, 06:31 AM
Thanks Darkbeer. It's closer then I thought, so it will be a must see. That and the In-N-Out sold me on the drive :)

Thanks again!

11-16-2006, 06:59 AM
My Mom, Sister and I are going to be staying at the Disneyland Hotel, we have decided to get a taxi to take us to the warehouse as we don't want to haul all of our treasures onto the bus. Does anyone know what the procedure is if you want to take a taxi both ways? Do you ask the driver to come back in an hour or do you call again when you are ready to leave the warehouse? Does the Disneyland Hotel have cabs for hire sitting outside the doors or do you have to call the cab company in advance?

I love all the information I get from this board!

11-16-2006, 07:58 AM
Sorry, I can't help with the cab.

I was at the Las Vegas location last week and got a couple more black baseball caps for less than $2 each. They were $21 originally, which is what I paid for the one that I was wearing in the store. :cool:

11-16-2006, 02:22 PM
Mileage varies regarding In-N-Out. They make a basic burger, but folks either love or hate their fries -- I hate them. They take whole potatoes, cut them into the fry shape and fry them right there. That sounds like it would be good, but it isn't.

11-16-2006, 03:08 PM
I have taken a taxi to the Character Outlet Warehouse several times, departing from various places such as the Sheraton Anaheim, Howard Johnson's and the taxi stand in front of Disneyland on Harbor. The ride runs approximately $15 each way. I always ask the driver if he will be in the area later, and they have always given me their card and cell phone number to call them directly when I am ready to return. I usually call about 15 minutes before I am done to give them time to make their way to me. If they are not available they will call in to have someone from their company who is closer pick you up. I've never had a problem. Although, I may try the bus next time as the price for the taxi both ways cuts into my bargain savings!

Tinker Bell
11-22-2006, 09:07 PM
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11-23-2006, 05:55 AM
If anyone is going to see what the new shipment is, maybe they can post a few of the items? Thanks:)