View Full Version : Some random observations from our visit yesterday (10/25/06)

10-26-2006, 09:18 AM
While in the Pieces of Eight shop there were 2 CM's blocking off part of the shop. I looked to see why and there was a reddish substance on the floor. My first thought was that someone had an accident and bled on the floor. Another guest asked the CM if in fact it was blood and she told him that no it wasn't they just had a problem with something leaking from the ceiling onto the floor and sure enough I looked up and there was an issue with the ceiling. But the red fluid was really creepy.:eek:

I was surprised to see the Pieces of Eight machine back and it appears it's still in it's natural state "Out of Order" - LOL.

And lastly, it appears they started decorating early for Christmas in New Orleans Square. There were swags of pine with ornaments hanging from lamp posts and what appeared to be Santa ornaments hanging from the buildings.