View Full Version : So bad it was funny! (TR - 9/9/06)

09-11-2006, 02:26 PM
Mom and I went on Saturday and it was a funny bad day. First the line to get to the Mickey and friends was bad because one lane was closed yet so many were going there so they had to merge to the next lane. I unload mom's wheelchair and head off to the tram and hear a crack. Think nothing of it. Ride Buzz and Space Mountain. We decide to head to the front and go through the shops. As I go through the doorway into the cooffee shop the Wheelchair's Wheel breaks. I mean totally busted pieces flying breaks!
Well since we were going to DCA anyway we decide to just walk the darn thing over to the rentel place there. The first chair the lady gives us didn't sit well and we asked for another "Well they are all made that way" but we did get her to give us another. We left our broken one there and for all we know the ducks are playing on it.
Since Mom was mourning over the loss of her chair I take her to Sourin (I hate that ride). As I'm walking her down the handle came off and she slammed against the wall!
So I stick the handle back on and we laugh about it. After the ride's done and I'm sick we go to the Skee Ball and Fishing game then decide to ride Screamin. The coaster ends on the wrong side of the tracks so we have to go up the elevator around and down again. Boy.
So then I want to ride GRR and mom's just saying the whole time that she's going to have to swim. GUESS WHAT! The ride does break down. Oh I'm just laughing my head off at this point and telling her that there's no way I'm riding TOT now cus it really will fall.

09-11-2006, 08:12 PM
What an experience! Not necessarily the kind of "unforgettable" people look for at the parks, but still unforgettable nonetheless!