View Full Version : Travel Time Newport to Disneyland?

07-17-2006, 12:52 PM
We will be staying at Marriott's Newport Coast Villas for a week in early August and plan to try to make the early entry at Disneyland on a Monday. Mapquest says it's a 30 minute drive.... but how much time should we allow at 6am? (we want to arrive by 6:30)

07-17-2006, 03:08 PM
When I was a teenager we stayed in Newport Beach 4 summers in a row. We went to Disneyland 2 or 3 times during our month long vacations there. We would go around 7:30 in the morning...my dad ALWAYS used the carpool lanes and it took about 20-30 minutes. The carpool lanes on I-5 have ramps on the left hand side of the freeway so you don't have to cut all the way across the freeway to get off. If you can use the carpool lanes it's the way to go. Traffic can be horrible on the I-5 in the morning and evenings.

07-19-2006, 10:34 AM
From those Villas at 6am on a Monday, I'd leave at 5:45 just to be safe.

07-19-2006, 02:12 PM
I live right around there (Villas, on Newport Coast Dr, right?) and work right around the park. I leave my house at 7:15ish to be at work by 8. I am always about 10 minutes early. I'd say leave at 5:45, get a cup of coffee from the drive through donut shop on Katella and Euclid if you're there too early, for $2 you get a massive cup off coffee and 2 donuts.