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Shary Bobbins
04-09-2002, 10:19 AM
What have the crowds been like at the resort lately? I'm planning on going on the 26th and I'm wondering what I'm in for.

04-10-2002, 09:00 AM
Well, here goes some tips from someone who may not have all of the right answers. :o

04-26-02 is a Friday, right? To me, that is better than a Sat. or Sun. {And, since there isn't early entry anymore, that isn't something you need to consider.}

If you have kids in school, are they on any sort of break? Most are not at that time, mine traditional calendar is in and by then my son on intersession will be back in.

Will the S.Ca special still be in effect? That will have some affect.

Check the Disneyland official page and see if there will be any special events that date or if there will be any new rides opening {okay wishfull thinking}.

Mostly, get there when it opens, Fantasy Land gets more crowded later {and I don't think they have any fast passes there so get passes from the other rides and do them after, if you want}.

Check the other threads, I can't remember what the one was called but it had lots of information. Also check out the archives.

04-10-2002, 12:02 PM

That gives a vague idea of how big crowds are each day, but you have to move Easter to its proper date and such. I think it was April 4 that year, 1999. The links to the other months are messed up. It's easiest to get to them if you go to http://members.aol.com/crzy4dzny and click on the .html files. I think they underestimated Spring Break a bit.

Most books say to hit Dumbo when the park opens, go to as much as Fantasyland as you can, then hop back and forth between fastpass and nonfastpass rides. Take sedate rides when lines are longest and longer-line rides during parades/fireworks/meal times.