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02-12-2006, 06:36 PM
Frank Sauvestre - March 2002
Time of Year: Winter
Travel Method: Personal Car
Resort: Offsite (Frank lives within driving distance to DLP)
Accommodations: n/a
Ages Represented in Group: Adult
DLP Experience Represented in Group: Veteran
Comments: This report gives Frank's initial impressions of the new Walt Disney Studios park at Disneyland Paris. It's presented in a summary style, and is a great summary of the new park.


Here is my Walt Disney Studios Trip Report with my comments on each ride/show:

The entrance place: Great but too small. We felt a little bit crushed by the huge buildings all around (especially the Studio 1). The colors are beautiful (a kind of Spanish style), the metal gates are very cool and the Mickey fantasia fountain is wonderful.

Studio 1: Not very long (well, it is not Main Street) but very well illuminated and colored. Many sets are all over, a huge restaurant (on the right) with a terrace and a brass band, a huge shop on the right with a replica of the Beetle, many props everywhere. It really looks like backstage.

After having wandered around the Studio 1, you arrive in the biggest part of the park ..... which seems very small in fact. You can walk from Aladdin (right) to the Stunt Show (left) in less than 5 minutes. No hurting feet! I know that there is still a lot of room behind the tram tour and probably somewhere else. So wait and see phase II.

Cinemagique: Really magic! I loved that movie. The huge theater (1200 seats) is absolutely wonderful (adapted for the Oscars ceremony!) I can't tell more or I will spoil the secret. Very good and simple special FX, wonderful movie, with a great love story. I can't remember the actors name.

Rock and Roller Coaster: VERY COOL! I loved it. I rode it 4 times. Very smooth ride, the music is cool and you feel like you are surfing on the rails, the lights are great. The pre-show is extremely short (30 seconds) but it will be longer (it was a preview). The propulsion is incredible!

Armageddon: The waiting line is very poorly themed and extremely long (and it was a preview), pre-show was not too bad but boring when you do the ride for the second time (one good point, there is a black actor of the movie who explains some special FX), the inside (a Russian orbital station) is very strange. It reminds me of Alien ExtraTERRORestrial Encounter. The special FX are good (I can't tell you more or I will spoil the surprise). I don't really know what to think about this ride, like Alien. I liked it, I will do it several times, but it lacks something but I don't know what.

Stunt Show: Absolutely INCREDIBLE !!!. The car stunts are so well done, you can't believe what the stuntmen do! The show is half French and half English, the audience can participate, there is no stop (like in Indy stunt show), the huge screen is an excellent idea because you can see the stunts filmed in real time with several cameras and projected just after they have been done. It is not too long, not too short, the story is good, there is a lot to learn (no spoiler here). Well, probably the best stunt show I' ever seen (I've seen Miami Vice at Universal Studio Hollywood, the stunt show of USF and Indy) and the sets are incredible.

Animation Building: Just good. A little bit of interactivity at the beginning and the end, a short movie with many identical scenes (love, kiss, fright, fight, villain, happy ending) taken from several movies and a part where you are supposed to learn how movies are made, with the help of Mushu. Funny but it is not Xena (USF).

Aladdin: the colors are wonderful but the ride is not very interesting (well, it is for kids). The set behind the ride really looks like a fun fair.

Animagique: closed

Disney Channel Studio: closed until 4pm. Didn't do it and I read that it was extremely poor.

Tram Tour: I was a little bit disappointed because the sets are just dispatched all along the way, close to the woods except for Catastrophe Canyon which is very good (but I have already made it twice at the MGM-Studio), and Reign of Fire (magnificent set but not fully used). Dinotopia is just here and we don't really know why. the explanations made by Jeremy Iron on the screen (each coach of the train has a screen) are interesting but there are silence parts which give the impression that it is not finished (lack of music I think).

Merchandising: not enough WDS themed stuffs. Not enough shops

Food : Good but there was just 2 restaurants opened (4 for the opening)

The park is good but you don't need more than 6 hours to visit it. I regret that the buildings are not decorated like the building of Main Street (or all the MK) but it is a movie studio! The TzOT will be built closed to Armageddon (you can't miss it). The park just lacks one or two rides/shows like a very good 3D movie, Fantasmic (of course) and the Great Movie ride or something like that.

Frank Sauvestre